China: Are Live Being Mutating? Or… Worst…

Recently creatures were found, thought to be extinct or being really new species.

We also all heard about stories concerning animals or human beings with malformations caused for example by pollution (see in ex-USSR after Chernobyl).

So to which category this one is belonging?

Villagers in Suining, Sichuan, have caught two creatures that the People’s Daily has labeled "the Chinese Chupacabra."

According the original post (HERE and relayed HERE):


In this case, the gray colored animal wasn’t attacking goats as the legendary “Chupacabra” (black words are mine), but chickens and it was the fowls’ cries that alerted village Ke Suying to find the mystery predator tearing into his birds. He tried to drive it away with a stick but failed, though later with the help of neighbors caught it in a steel net.

It resembles a large rat or a mutant mix of kangaroo and dog, with large claws. It is about 60 centimeters long, with a 30-centimeter tail. Villagers describe it as "quite fierce" and said it ravenously consumes both meat and vegetables fed to it.


According some Chinese officials of the Forestry Department (but what do they know… ;-)  ) it is a badger.

I had a look on the different kind of badgers (a lot of different species) on Wiki and obviously it is not a badger.

So, what is it?

A kind of Terminator sent by some crazy aliens to kill the poor and sweet Chinese  comrade hens and comrade roosters? 🙂

The pet of the X-Men?

A secret weapon from Taiwan?

People, don’t let your children playing around after the sunset…

More seriously, nobody seems to know what is it.

But I guess a new kind of restaurant will be very hot if more samples are found in China.

Do not they use to say that “if it has 4 legs and it is moving, we can eat it”?



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