An Incredible Photographer: Update With Link

I posted (HERE) about the beautiful pictures shot by my friend Frederic.

He sent me today the invitation flyer from the German Biological Institute which used one of the pictures I posted before:

31-05-2010 09 27 04

If you want to know more about his pictures, you can visit his website HERE.




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An Incredible Photographer

Have a look on the below pictures.

My friend, Frederic, a French guy living in Taiwan with a beautiful Taiwanese wife and soooooo cute 2 kids (girl and boy) is the author.

This guy is good.

Really good! He is a pro! But it is not his main activity (he is in business, can you believe that?). The world is missing a lot!

But so humble! It’s only a long time after I knew him that he let me discover his creations. I knew he loved shooting pictures but I didn’t know he was so talented.

His flicker’ site is full of comments from professional photographs.

His macros are art. But his portrait pictures are very beautiful too.

The first picture was chosen by the Zoo of Denver to illustrate the “ornate flying snake “.

The second one, the bee, was chosen by a German Biological Institute to illustrate its invitation flyer and also put on its website (


ornate flying snake




If you want to be in touch with him, let me know and I will forward to him your mails.

This guy is incredible!

Even in my dreams, I won’t be able to be close to his talent.



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Some Pictures of Bordeaux

“Place de la Bourse” – Stock Exchange Square:

Same but in night time:

Entrance of the City Hall:

Fishing spot on the river bank:

The City Theater:

The new streetcar:

In one of the street…

The Parliament Square:

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