Welcome to my Blog 🙂

I am French and live in Taiwan since a while already.

When I am not teaching Finance or Economy to my university’ students, or working on some research topics, I love to read (mostly novels) or go outside for biking or hiking.

Internet and computer are also one of my hobbies.

For now I don’t have but I would love to have a cat or a dog (small bull dog will be my favorite). One day…

It is all for now, concerning this About. Maybe I will update this page in the future.

Please feel free to contact me.


6 Responses

  1. Dear friend,
    how bizarre it is to write to you in english. Anyway, it’s very nice to hear from you even if its through the screen of my computer. It’s been so long time since I saw you. Have you been in Bordeaux recently ? We, Annie and I , are going for holiday in Louisiana and Texas at the end of this week. We are going for a two weeks country music trip with concert every night and several BBQ expected.

    grosses bises,


  2. Have a nice day !

  3. Je te souhaite un Joyeux Anniversaire François ;
    une journée éblouissante ; entouré par l’amour, l’amitié et la gaïté de tes proches.

  4. Cher(e) Simple Passage,
    Merci pour tes voeux qui me vont droit au coeur

  5. Hi,

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  6. Hi Mr. Varga,

    Cruisy (http://www.cruisy.com.tw), a brand new website for English speakers living in Taiwan, is up and running and inviting Taiwan bloggers to contribute. At present this offer is only open to WordPress bloggers, so I really welcome you to try it out.

    How do you contribute your blog? Just register and click the “Yes, I want to contribute” button and, once your blog has been approved, your blog entries will automatically be grabbed and displayed as an article on Cruisy. And if, for any reason, you find it’s not right for you, you can just hit the “No, I don’t want to contribute button” on the user profile page at any time.

    The overall aim of the Cruisy website is to give people living in Taiwan a place to read and comment on the latest of Taiwan blogs, browse and comment on Taiwan Flickr photos, and catch up on international news. Featured blog entries will be promoted on the homepage, other pages throughout the site, and through the site’s facebook page.

    In the case of your blog, F. Varga, the blog would be in the National section (unless you feel it belongs under another category) of the blogs section. Blogs get plenty of links to the originating site and all internal links, including comments, remain in tact.

    You can read more about becoming a contributor at http://www.cruisy.com.tw/blogs.jsp. I’d be interested to hear what you think!

    Richard Lovell
    Cruisy Site Administrator

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