My New Baby

My campus is quite far away from everything, so not always easy to buy some stuff, such as food or whatever.

My Queen with her car are not always available and same for my very good friend who lives about 45mn from my campus even though she often helps me on Sunday to buy food in Carrefour.

So Queen and I decided to buy another car, and my life should be much easier now.

We picked it up last Saturday morning in the showroom. Here is the baby before driving it out of the showroom:

Colt Plus

Colt Plus from Mitsubishi, negotiated with all options. Deflectors have been just received and will be installed this afternoon or whatever.

The volume is quite impressive.

It’s supposed to be an environmental friendly car, consuming very few.

I will drive to go back to my campus this afternoon or maximum tomorrow morning.




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4 Responses

  1. Thought you guys got a kid, a real one, lol …

  2. For this one, not yet 😆

  3. wonderful car !!
    This is my first time visit your Blog, quite interesting 😀 and see you next semester Frank!

  4. Hi Danny 🙂
    Thanks for your visit and nice comments 😉
    Did you have a look on my other blog? (about economics & finance…)
    Hope you are enjoying your vacations!
    Take care and see you next month.

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