Taiwan, China, ECFA: A New TV Drama

Since a while, we have news about a very soon (June) signed-ECFA or a delayed signed-ECFA.

Monday: will be signed on June.

Tuesday: few chance to be signed on June.

Wednesday: good chance to be signed on June.

Thursday: Just forget it!

Friday: it will be done on June…

Saturday: we are negotiating…

Sunday: no deal yet!

A TV drama!


Of course, all come from government’s members (according recent News).

And today (HERE), the Premier said the opposite of what he did few days ago:


ECFA to be signed late June or in early July


How come could we have different outcomes everyday?

So more or less, China will accept (for the "early harvest" list) 500 items from Taiwan and the latter one, 200 from China.

Anyway, we don’t know about the details (again!) but according the Premier, the 500 items represent 15% of the Taiwanese export to China.


Any figures?

What’s about the 200 to Taiwan?

No word.

What if the 200 represent 50% of the Chinese export to Taiwan?

So, not only every day, we have a sort of “TV drama” about the ECFA, but more the deal is about to be signed, less we know about it.

Beside, why does the government need to communicate by this way?

On a everyday basis?

Obviously, it seems to be a PR campaign.

If you missed your favorite drama, watch the news!



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  1. And today, in the on-going soap opera, we have today’s show, “Talks end with no ‘early harvest’ list” (http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2010/06/15/2003475536). I laughed (LMAO) and showed it to my Taiwanese girlfriend at breakfast this morning. She just shrugged her shoulder. I’ll bet you that Mr. Turton is laughing hysterically, along with most of his readers.

    And today I read in the TTimes, “Ma attributes democratic success to years of practice” (http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2010/06/15/2003475504). The article states, “President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) said yesterday that democracy had taken root in Taiwan because it had been practiced constantly over the past six decades.” I practically choked when I read that; so did my girlfriend. He is conflating the KMT with democracy? Hey Ma, have we forgotten the martial law which the KMT imposed and was in effect until 1987? Martial law and democracy go hand-in-hand? And, Ma, what about the erosion of rights since you took office? And the ECFA referendum? And the lack of transparency in the KMT-run government? Perhaps I have a different definition of democracy? Perhaps, Ma, you were sleeping through your law classes at Harvard? Perhaps I would like to be on the drugs you are taking?

    The article further states, “Ma said he was glad to see more top-notch US universities paying close attention to Taiwan’s development.” Huh! I doubt he meant it sincerely. He probably meant, “Ma said he was glad to see more top-notch US universities paying close attention to the KMT PR “rose-colored glasses” version of Taiwan’s development.” Thanks, but no thanks, Ma! LOL!

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