Taiwan: A Funny Joke From The President

I read a very good joke from the Taiwanese President (?) Ma Ying-Jeou (HERE):


The ministry and the NPA must do a better job combating crime and improving police integrity. I need the two agencies to present solid results in a month and respond to public concerns


Wait, there is one more from M. Ma:


Attending birthday celebrations of a gang leader’s father, for example, is inappropriate. Police and civil servants should behave more cautiously



Few weeks ago there were the funerals of a gang leader in Taipei, with I don’t know how many luxurious cars and everything was done in public.

According the news, officials from the Taiwanese administration attended (the mayor of Taichung?) the funerals.

Did at that time M. Ma said it was inappropriate?

So, is his speech a joke or what?

And beside, There is one more related news (HERE), concerning the Tainan Prison Chief Guard Hsieh Shih-lun, who has been removed from his position.

The story is too beautiful:


Hsieh was at the residence of Taichung gangster Lin Yi-hung (林亦宏) at the time he was murdered on Oct. 17.
After receiving a DVD of the crime from an unidentified source, Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Chiu Yi-ying (邱議瑩) made it public at a press conference on Tuesday.
In the video, Hsieh is seen walking into Lin’s residence about six minutes prior to the crime. Two gunmen suddenly enter Lin’s residence and begin shooting at him. Footage shows Hsieh hiding behind a sofa. After the two gunmen leave, Hsieh checks on Lin and then leaves without calling police or an ambulance

[…] (By the way, who made the DVD?)

So what do you think about M. Ma announcement especially after everyone knows (see the news) that politics in Taiwan is linked with the mafia and even some mafia members are elected (HERE and HERE)?

A beautiful joke isn’t it?


Maybe it was not a joke at all but it was like the story parents used to tell to their kids before they go to sleep.

Taiwanese, sleep peacefully…



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