Taiwan and the International Community

I remember that a while ago, not so far in the past, when Taiwan reacted following an international event, it did according its own interests.

It is not anymore the case.

I think you all have read the news about the sinking of a South Korean naval ship on March 26 with the loss of 46 lives.

An international team was investigating and Friday, it announced that the naval ship has been attacked by a North Korean small submarine.

All countries are condemning this attack (HERE and HERE for example).

Wait… All countries?

Not China…

And do you know what?

Taiwan followed the Chinese position… (HERE):


Taiwan’s Presidential Office yesterday did not follow Japan and the US in condemning North Korea, instead emphasizing that the national security unit would continue to monitor the development closely.


It seems that the Taiwanese (?) Presidential (?) Office doesn’t want to offend China.

Who is really in charge of Taiwanese international political policies?

Or, does Taiwan still have of its own?


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