Taiwan: Scapegoat… Did You Said Scapegoat (Again)?

Obviously, things do not change here.

Do you remember the story concerning the “misusing” of the special allowance funds for which Mr. Ma was indicted by prosecutors a while ago, as the mayor of Taipei city? [He is now the president (?) of Taiwan]

He used the funds but he was not guilty…

But the guy who provided the wrong or fake receipts in view to claim reimbursements was put in jail…

Just remember that the reimbursements were for Mr. Ma.

And today in the news (HERE), the Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-Pyng, a key figure in the KMT (political party in power) was cleared of the “misusing” of the special allowance funds case.

But guess what:

His (Wang’s) aides (3 people) may be charged by the prosecutors for forgery.

Wait, the story is not finished yet. Do you know why Wang may not  be charged by the court and not be the main benefactor (means Wang)?


Prosecutors said the three submitted fraudulent receipts to be used in the accounting for Wang’s special allowance fund, but regulations state that such accounting matters are not required to be approved by Wang.


So in other words, someone is asking from his staff to get reimbursements (and put the money in his bank account) whatever the way, and he is not guilty. But the people who have no choice but to obey their boss are in risk to go to jail, as the former staff of Mr. MA (see above).

It seems that the law is not very clear and at least, many people will be at risk for the same reason.

I am just wondering… The other accused people but from the opposition party (DPP)… Will they be condemned or …

Let’s wait and see…

Continuing about the scapegoat story, the news said (HERE) that


the Control Yuan yesterday censured the Taipei City Government over its construction of the problem-ridden Wenshan-Neihu MRT line, demanding that officials be held accountable


And it… cleared the name of Mr. Ma, the one who was the mayor of the city at the time it was decided to construct the line and the time construction started…

The bidder is blamed but who chose it?

As the 1987 film, some people here are obviously “Untouchable” except that the reason may be totally different…

You know, it’s funny. A few days ago, Taiwan again received an invitation to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer, as last year.

And as usual, the party in charge [and the president (?) of Taiwan] – HERE


are all overjoyed at the invitation, which they attribute to warming cross-strait relations and the success of Taiwan’s “diplomatic truce” with China.




(last year)

At no time during the assembly did WHO Director-General Margaret Chan (陳馮富珍) officially mention the presence of a Taiwanese delegation and she was absent from the meeting when then-health minister Yeh Ching-chuan (葉金川) spoke. In short, Taiwan arrived at the assembly unannounced and left in the same way




Finally, the government’s “diplomatic truce” policy has still not enabled Taiwan to take part in the international tuberculosis prevention network, or get hold of information related to stemming the global trade in fake medicines, or to become a signatory to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and so on. Even government officials admit that Taiwan still faces obstacles regarding these matters


So “they” do whatever they want, they won’t be condemned and they obviously have a political agenda concerning Taiwan and China…

The opposition party (DPP) said a while ago that it is willing to talk to China, given the fact that China respects Taiwan’s democratic society and as long as there were no preconditions (HERE)

China responded that the (Taiwanese) party must give up its pro-independence stance.

And then, the party asked a very goo question:


has the government (KMT in charge) already accepted these Chinese preconditions as the basis for cross-strait talks?


Every day, we can read or hear that the government is proud of the “diplomatic truce”…

Does it mean that the government did not consider that independence is an option and it is working on an unification?

You know it  already…


Finally, not so much to laugh about…



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