Police: New Positions Are Available!

Asia is amazing.


When it comes to maintaining law and order, this is one police officer who can sort the men out from the… er, monkeys.

Dressed in a police shirt and riding atop a patrol vehicle in southern Thailand, this pig-tailed macaque has been recruited by police in their mission to improve relations with the community.

But be careful, it could shout on you:

It also looks very serious when it is working:

It seems that it is now the time for a break:

And guess, yes, it drinks too:

Of course, as a policeman, it is not supposed to drink alcohol… Of course… Hum Hum…

Some bad people will say that they are not surprised at all, a lot being already acting as monkeys in the streets…

Is it a new trend?

I will let you know if I see a monkey next time I am going to Seven Eleven in Taiwan…



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