Do Not Always Believe Newspapers

Have a look on this picture:

PHOTO: REUTERS Published in today’s Taipei Times (HERE).

What do you see?

Veterans of some war (because hats and medals), about 80 (more or less) years old men.

Are you sure?

In fact, you are wrong. They are more than 130 years old…

Here is the last part of the picture’s comment:

The annual ceremony is held to commemorate Bolivia’s loss of its coastline to Chile in the “Guerra del Pacifico,” or War of the Pacific, 131 years ago.”

Impressive, isn’t it?

Now, here is the beginning of the comment:

Bolivian veterans of the Chaco War of 1932-1935 against Paraguay attend the “Day of the Sea” ceremony in La Paz on Tuesday.”

Obviously, the one who wrote the comment doesn’t know basic arithmetic or he/she wanted to emphasize on how much some people look so young… 😉

Conclusion: Don’t always believe what you read in newspapers, especially if the article is about politics.

I know, it was an easy one, but I could not resist 😆

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