What’s Wrong With This World? Your God Asked For That? Shame one you!

Several hundred were killed because earthquakes: Haiti, Chili…

Today was the turn of Turkey: more than 50 killed.

But we could still say, that Mother Nature is responsible.


But what’s about men?

Do you know what’s happened in Nigeria? Today?

More than 500 were killed (HERE), not by Mother Nature, but by men.


Yes, men. Today.

Just in 3 hours time.

Muslims attacked Christian villages during the night  between Saturday and Sunday, from 03:00 to 06:00.

They killed hundred of women and kids, using guns, fire and knifes.

According witnesses, it was like an horror movie. I don’t want to write about it. Use Google to translate.

Muslims killing Christians…

And not so much on the news…

To be negative on Muslim means to be racist.

I am not racist.

But most of the killings now are from Muslims.

Of course, not all Muslims are like that. Just a small minority, criticized by the majority of the Muslims.

What they did, it’s what Christians did centuries ago. Obviously, men don’t learn from history.

Beside, I am not Christian, but Buddhist.

I feel very bad about men’s inhumanity.

War because Religion?

What a shame…

You just killed more than 500 people In 3 hours… For Religion? Your God asked for that?

I can’t believe that…

You are crazy

Shame on you!


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