Taiwan: The New Modus Vivendi


I wish that the Tiger year will bring to all of us Health and Happiness.

I didn’t post since almost one month. It was the winter break and I enjoyed some vacations abroad with my Queen (I will post some pictures in a very near future).

Now, it’s time to be back to work, the new semester started this week.

Having not watch or read news about Taiwan since a while, I decided to have a look, during a coffee break.

Did something change?

Is the ECFA still the top priority?

Is Chinese influence on Taiwan society still a concern?

News respectively answered: No, Yes and Yes.

Two days ago (HERE), some DPP (opposition party) legislators voiced security concerns:


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators yesterday voiced concern that national security might be compromised after a major contractor for government information systems was bought using Chinese capital (last month).


Not only the Premier said he didn’t know anything about the Data Systems issue (it seems that he is sharing the “I didn’t know” with the President Ma – see below), but the Minister of Economic Affairs rebutted the allegation (security concern).

Still, a clear fact according the news is that this company is run by Chinese money.

And according the report:


The company had won more than 200 bids for government projects between 2000 and last year and won two Bureau of Foreign Trade bids last month, prompting concerns that data might be leaked to China


About people not knowing what is going on, more in the news (HERE).

The Taipei County Magistrate Chou Hsi-Wei announced few days ago his withdrawal from the new special municipality (former Taipei County) elections.

It seems that other candidates from the same party (KMT) were leading several polls.

Anyway, during his speech, Chou said that he spoke twice about the case, with President Ma (who is also the chairman of the party).

But Monday, the President said that he only knew about the case after reading the newspapers.

As the previous story (see above), one more who “didn’t know”.

The end of the article is quite funny:


If a president rules the country by reading the newspaper, then it would be better to seek a newspaper chief to serve as president.

Some have mocked Ma on the Internet that he only knew he was elected president after reading about it in the paper and that the first step when China invades Taiwan will be to destroy all newspapers so that Ma will know nothing about it.


Obviously a new modus vivendi is taking force in Taiwan.


Less funny: according other news (HERE), the Ministry of Education may emphasize the teaching of Chinese history and reduce the teaching of Taiwan and the rest of the world history.

National Taiwan University (NTU) professor of history Chou Wan-yao, who is one of the members of the task force, raised concerns about changes to the curriculum guidelines [in an article published in the Southern Newsletter on Feb. 10].

According the article, Professor Chou said:


some members of the task force had suggested that Taiwanese history should be merged with Chinese history since Taiwan has been part of China since ancient times


Even more:


the new [Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)] government would like to set things straight by amending the curriculum guidelines for Chinese literature and history.


ECFA, Education… No limit…


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