Taiwan: Who Is Really In Charge?

Since a while, I have a strange feeling.

Is it because a new year is starting and nobody knows what will be in the box?

Or does the reason lie on the feeling that nobody knows who is supposed to do what?

I am wondering about the latter. It seems a good explanation.

See for example: who is supposed to handle the story about the American beef in Taiwan? Any normal people will answer: the Department of Health (DOH), of course!

Wrong answer my friends: it is the National Security Council (NSC).

Uh… Why?

According the news (HERE):


Many people ask why the National Security Council (NSC) handled the Taiwan-US beef protocol instead of the Department of Health (DOH) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The NSC later said it became involved because it was a matter of national security.


Wow! When I am buying beef in my local shop, I am engaging in national security activities 😆

All this story created a real mess here. The government even decided to send a group in US (for what?).

But no one could be surprised: the legislature was not informed in advance, was not consulted during negotiations, and after the signing, was required to support the decision.

When the people in charge are not the one who negotiated, what do you expect about the result(s)?

Taipei Times Editorial Cartoon

In other words, the government wants to transform people into a "rubber stamp".

Rubber stamp, you said rubber stamp?

Another mess here: the negotiation on the economic agreement between China and Taiwan (Taiwan… for how long?).

Obviously, nothing was transparent and no one knows about the details except the people who are negotiating (some people don’t call that negotiation, given the fact that it’s China which decides…).

By the way, who is supposed to negotiate? Uh… The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) no?

Again, wrong answer my friends.

According the news (HERE):


The head of the Straits Exchange Foundation yesterday told a meeting of
legislative committees that he was just a "rubber stamp" and that his job is
only to sign the cross-strait agreements.


So, who negotiated? We may have some ideas…

Again, one more rubber stamp. And more are coming, given the fact that the lawmakers and population can do nothing.

The funny part is that the “rubber stamp” still repeat that the economic agreement cannot be delayed…

As the rabbit from the magical hat, the ECFA will come out, as the beef story did.

Beside, one agreement was supposed to be signed among others, a week ago, the double taxation agreement.

According some article (HERE):


On the night before Chen’s arrival in Taiwan, the Ministry of Finance was ­extolling the ­virtues of a double taxation agreement, saying how determined it was to see the agreement signed. Less than 48 hours later, however, the agreement was on the shelf, put there by public opinion and businesspeople.


Obviously, some aspects of the discussion (and clearly not agreement) were refused by China.

And the government still insist saying that no political subjects are involved?

More important, what does the government plan to do?

As we can read HERE from academics:


Academics yesterday lashed out at the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government for what they called “a lack of concrete direction” in its policy on cross-strait relations.

Taiwan has entered an era when the national leader is failing to fill the role of pilot

the government was simply relying on China to improve the nation’s economic fortunes and had no clue how to improve the nation’s economy itself


According to them, China will be in charge of Taiwan. Not its government.

One more example: who is supposed to be in charge of the name of Taiwanese NGO?

Uh… The Taiwanese NGO, no?

Again, wrong answer my friends.

According yesterday news (HERE),


More than 10 Taiwanese NGOs faced pressure from China or from their international headquarters to change their names or locations


And as you can guess, the name should include “Taiwan, China”.

So, let’s go back to the initial question: Who is in charge here?

Clearly, it is not the people who are supposed to.


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2 Responses

  1. Not even the SEF but the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) should negotiate, since they are the responsible government institution.

  2. Yes Gerd, it’s true. But beside, why so many official structures to handle this matter?

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