Taiwan: Please, Don’t Go Away

I am feeling a little bit strange about a proposal from the lawmakers here in Taiwan, who are planning to propose one (more?) amendment(s) to the Criminal Code that would allow judges and prosecutors to punish defendants, lawyers, reporters, activists and any other people who publicize evidence or case details in a manner that upsets the court.

Obviously, no precise statement, so only the Court (or/and prosecutors) can decide who is the offender.

From the article:


The new court environment would resemble the bad old days of Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) rule, in which judges took their orders from above as necessary and issued orders below, and defendants had precious little advocacy and were routinely framed.


And this one…


We are led to believe, if this amendment is passed, that the material many prosecutors use to defame suspects through leaks to pliant media outlets cannot be held to account by legal teams defending their clients — at risk of prosecution by the same people who leaked the information.


Maybe I misunderstood the news but in case I didn’t, It’s time to start to worry about Democracy here.

And still if I didn’t misunderstood (But to be wrong is always possible) obviously since the new President (from KMT), many things changed in Taiwan since one year.

By the way, if my memory doesn’t fail me, Chinese are coming tomorrow in Taiwan for further talks about well, you know, making Taiwan more (?) close to…

Even Taipei City is spending 10 million to support an event where Taiwan is described as a Chinese region (see my twitter).

I remember here in the 80’s when Taiwan was still under martial law (war against China…?…)… Officials at the airport used to even check what I had in my pant’s and vest’s pockets at the airport before going through the metal detector, having a look on the different name cards I had…

I hope we are not going back to that time.

Taiwan, my lovely beautiful place, where are you going?

Please my Dear, don’t go too far…


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3 Responses

  1. Hi Franck,

    I’m deeply touched by your sincere words. As a Taiwanese, I’m glad to know that Taiwan is loved by not only Taiwanese but also a foreigner. I hope that most of the Taiwanese can wake up and see who “this man” truly is and where he’s pushing Taiwan to go to by his own willingness. I don’t want to see the beautiful formosa change her lovely colour someday.

    Many thanks for your love to Taiwan and your great efforts to share your sincere observations about this land.

  2. Many little rules / regulations amendments have been passed through the pro-blue legislature UNNOTICED since Ma took power.

    Thanks for bringing this change to our attention; and in future elections, Taiwan’s voters should vote carefully for their legislators AND their president because punishing a party may end up to be punishing self (loss of freedom…going back to the martial law era).

  3. @’Αλισον
    Yes, I don’t want Taiwan comes back to that time.
    I remember that at that time, I almost missed one of my flights because the questions, not mentioning the way they talked to me. They made me feel I was guilty of something…
    Of course there are people with good willing here (at the administration) but maybe not all (may be not ?)
    Anyway, it seems (I hope) that people are worrying…
    But still, people according the news, need to be aware of what is going on

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