Taiwan: I Told You

In a previous post (HERE, at the end of) I mentioned about the fact that it is not healthy for a president to be the chairman of a political party.

I DO believe that the President is the President of all the population. Not just a part of the population.

I DO believe it’s not good if the President becomes the chairman of his party during his mandate. Whatever the country. See in South America… Or in Europe a while ago…

Because the coming elections in Taiwan (next Saturday), the president (Ma) is campaigning everywhere, but officially as the Chairman of the KMT party.

So, do you believe that the election is fair?

Especially when he is promising something which could only be achieved as a president? Which maybe will never be done? For the Taiwanese, think about the “bridge”… 🙂

Obviously as a president he is making the elections unfair.



DPP officials complained yesterday that security measures for President Ma on his trips to campaign for KMT candidates were disruptive and unfair


Of course the President of a Country must have protection.

But if this protection is working against opposition parties during democratic events, we may think that there is a problem.

I don’t know. Just a thought…

What do you think?

Do I think too much?

Am I wrong?


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