Taiwan: Sausage Never Attracted Bees

I posted just 3 days ago about Education and courses taught in English in Taiwan (HERE) and the risk for Taiwan to lose its competitiveness (if any).

According a survey by the Taiwan News (published yesterday HERE), less than 10% of Universities update monthly their English websites.

And they want to attract foreign students?

If for them, the target is students from China, I believe it’s fine.


Here is an excerpt:


Out of 166 schools, 88.6 percent have an English-language web site, but only 9.6 percent add fresh content once a month, the survey found.

Only 7.8 percent of the school sites offer an English-language search function, according to the survey.

The results of the poll seemed to show a large gap with the strengthening of Taiwan’s international competitiveness advocated by President Ma Ying-jeou.

Only seven schools came up with the full package, an English-language web site with regular monthly updates and an English-language search function.

National Chiao Tung University, National Central University, National Yang Ming University, National Taiwan University of Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts, National Formosa University and Asia University


I don’t know about the details concerning the survey, but from the published poll, the results are alarming…Even though that is an “old news” for foreign academics working here.

The main explanation as I am an insider, is (I do believe it) the budget allowed for it (homepage maintenance).

But still… You do not attract bees with sausage…


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