Taiwan: English Teaching Is Not The Key Point

Since one week, a lot of Media are talking about how to make Taiwanese education system more “international” as for example HERE or THERE.

And it seems that the President (?) Ma is mostly talking about English classes and inviting (attracting) foreign students even though he several times mentioned about Chinese students only… (I don’t think that it will be a problem to invite Chinese students in Taiwan. But just have a look HERE…Why will they come here if no competitive advantage?). As if it (inviting Chinese) could be “THE” solution… Seems that for now, all solutions are on the China side…

I just have some comments / questions (no ranking, just about my mood):

* What’s about the quality? Can you say that for a country about 22 million people, more than 160 Universities are needed? More than in France… Can you believe it? Especially if you think about the demography concern?

* If you fail students, they go away from your classes. So, how to do? What professors will do? (you can guess the answer)

* Why not trying to invite foreign professors? But still, with a lack of students and with the fact that the classroom is often full of people who don’t have the level… Plus the previous points…

* If Taiwan wants to invite foreign professors, it should increase the salary (I remember of reading somewhere that even in India or Saudi Arabia, the salary is higher…)

* Salary in Universities is supposed to be the same, whatever you are Taiwanese or not. But Taiwanese professors got bonus if they teach in English… Do you get the point? Why not give an advantage to foreign professor too? Or at least avoiding an asymmetric situation?

* Why foreign professors are still accepting this situation? Maybe because they love to stay there… A magnificent country… Trust me, so beautiful…

* Some Universities are sending students abroad. But if they stick together, where is the point? At least, an international exchange program should bring the following benefits: Language, Culture and Friends. Is that the case now in Taiwan (for the undergraduate students)? It seems that international programs are close to vacations…

I do believe that one root of this mess is the quantity of Universities, Colleges… available in Taiwan.

This problem exists since several years.

What will be the future of Taiwan?

What’s about its competitiveness?

Do we need to worry?

I do think that Taiwan has lost a lot and if nothing is done quickly, the position as an “Asian Tiger” will belong to history.

So bad.


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3 Responses

  1. I believe it’s time for a change, quality instead of quantity for our universities if we want to stay globally competitive.

  2. @ Αλισον
    I was always convinced by that, but I don’t know if we will see the end of the tunnel soon…
    The administration didn’t even prepare an exit strategy for the units which have to close or merge…
    Instead, it is expecting that Chinese students will save the situation.

  3. Interesting blog, as an expat Brit, now living in Argentina, this was especially interesting.

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