A Dead Chinese Spy Will Make Me RICH!

I was not in so good mood recently and put my blogging aside, except for my financial blog.

But today, I have reasons to feel better.

Have a look on this email I received this morning:

Good Morning,

I am Mrs. Vivian Ong, a staff of a security and safe deposit company in Singapore. I am in charge of Files and Records. Over the years I have discovered in record a particular safe deposit box which has remained dormant and unclaimed. Due to my past experience in a case such as these, I decided to engage the services of a private investigator to locate the owner but was informed after the investigation that the owner was a spy for the Chinese Government and has been confirmed dead.

This information, I do not want to pass unto my superiors for they will take possession of the money and all contents of the box for themselves, while I will be given peanut to keep my mouth shut as usual.

I came to these decisions in seeking the assistance of someone NEUTRAL to lay claim to these safe deposit box to enable me a better %.

I really do not know who to trust as my past experiences with my company has made me not to trust any one or talk about our company which is one of her standard procedures for securities.

I decided to contact you, even as I don’t know you before but because it will be much safer for me.

I had secretly verified the content of the box, this action is a grave violation of the policy of this security company; however I discovered that there is Twenty Two Million Euros in cash as stated in records, some documents and a sealed envelop, which I suspect contains the pin numbers of a Swiss account. I will like us to go into a JV investment in your country with your company.

Please let me hear from you ASAP and I am sorry I can’t share more than these, please respond,

This is my private email: (reiben@alestra.net.mx)


Mrs. Vivian Ong


Usually, this kind of email comes from the poor daughter of a killed politician in some African countries or from a so called Lottery Internet Team (I also received this morning an email from South Africa 2010 Internet Lottery – I won US$ 1, 430,365.00).

They show more or less the same content.

But I must admit that the one from “Singapore” shows some innovation 🙂

… A dead Chinese spy… 😆


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4 Responses

  1. I love it! Mainly for some very cute twists on the standard message.

    My favorite is: “I will be given peanut to keep my mouth shut as usual. ”

    As usual??? How often do unclaimed safe deposit boxes containing millions of euros belonging to spies in the service of the Chinese government show up in Vivian’s bank?

    And how could 22 million euros fit in a safe deposit box?

  2. Right Thomas 🙂
    This email is much more funny that the ones we use to receive…

  3. Well, I hope at least one part of the letter is true.

  4. @ les: maybe 😉

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