Taiwan: What’s Going On?

First day of the week and Media already provides some news people may scratching their head about:

1 – I suppose you know that Taiwan is allowing (without letting the legislators or the public know in advance) the import of a lot of new parts of US beef, as expressed in the today editorial cartoon of Taipei Times: – yes, internal parts are allowed now

The same source (HERE) mentions about the fact that the Department of Health is trying a new tool — Plurk, a micro-blogging service similar to Twitter — to promote public understanding of the new policy on US beef imports.

The only one problem is that users complain about

  • The fact that the Department is deleting the complains
  • Why a Chinese translation (of the deal) is not provided

I think it’s clear enough, according the source.

2 – Experts attending a cross-strait forum said yesterday that the four agreements signed by Taipei and Beijing last November were nothing but “window dressing,” (HERE)

There are several points in that article, but beside the political stance of the ruling party, some experts reminded people that China may sign agreements but not implement them, as for example:


…the four agreements denigrated Taiwan’s sovereignty and were based on China’s interests rather those of Taiwan

…The air transportation links, for example, were defined as “special aviation routes” and bar foreign aviation firms from taking … The result is a “hub-and-spoke distribution network,” … with China as the hub and cargo and passengers passing through it on their way to multiple destinations.

…both sides had signed the “Kinmen Accord” in 1991 to extradite illegal immigrants and criminals to the other side of the Taiwan Strait, “China extradited only when it pleased them and turned up its nose when it did not.”

… About the melamine controversy… Twelve Taiwanese firms have asked for a total of NT$700 million (US$21 million) in compensation from Duqing, the Chinese supplier of a contaminated non-dairy creamer, and from Sanlu, the now-bankrupt dairy firm that also sold melamine-contaminated milk powder.
China has not responded, even though food safety was included in the the four pacts signed last year.


So it seems that the signature has not the same value according the one who is signing…

And still, Taiwan wants to sign an economic agreement? Without making public the content? And still expecting that the other side will respect its obligations?


Oh… According the government, China is doing good stuff for Taiwan since Ma is president. So… how to explain that the former vice-president was banned to visit Cairo even though she had a visa? (HERE)

3 – Even more serious: I am talking now about health and Taiwanese:

According today’s news (HERE):


a number of plastic surgeons have been advertising their use of silicone gel implants despite the fact the Department of Health (DOH) has not officially approved their use

While the DOH has said it’s a matter for local health departments, the local agencies said they have not received any instructions from the department


News mentioned a while ago (few days) a case concerning it. Fortunately, except out-looking concerns she doesn’t suffer of life-threatening situation.

So what the government is waiting? That someone gets a serious health problem?

It reminds me “not my fault”…

How come?

So we can use as a scapegoat the local office? And the government won’t be responsible in case of a dramatic problem?

As in the title of this post, “what’s going on?”

I don’t know, but maybe as a foreigner I totally misunderstood the published news…

So I am sure that my readers will make me understand where I am wrong…



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