"Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi Ch’uan"… And Economics

Let all things be healthy.

Let all things be peaceful.

Count your blessings at least once a day.

Forgive those who have hurt you; forgive those who have offended you.

But most of all forgive yourself for what you have done, and for what you have failed to do.

What is done, there is no need to speak of.

What is past, there is no need to blame.

Have self-control, self-knowledge, self-respect, and the courage to dare.

Strive to make the spot where you stand beautiful.

Then harmony, happiness, and longevity will follow you all your days and all your ways.

Beautiful isn’t it?

I am not sure who wrote it, but I read it from Yoram Bauman’s website and it was told to him by his grandmother in 2003.

Who is Bauman?

A PhD in Economics, and the first ever Stand-Up Economist (but still a professor 🙂 )

He is more specialized in Environmental Economics but he made an hilarious translation of the famous “10 Principles of Economics” from Mankiw.

I think I should report his translation to my students…

Do you want to have a look on his hilarious translation (even Mankiw put it in his blog)?

So go there and enjoy!



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