Taiwan and Press Freedom

Taiwan yesterday saw its press freedom ranking slip 23 spots in the latest report issued by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), dropping to 59th this year from 36th last year (HERE  and in RSF website).

According RSF, it’s a big drop.

In response to RSF’s latest report, Executive Yuan Spokesman Su Jun-pin said (see the above link on Taipei Times):


"Although [RSF] alleged the government exerted pressure on state and privately owned media, it did not cite concrete examples," Su said.

"I haven’t heard of complaints from media outlets about government interference," Su added.


When I had a look on the RSF website, I didn’t have the feeling that this NGO did not provide examples and specific cases. It gave several examples (HERE).

It seems quite clear… At least on their website…

In related news, the National Communications Commission (NCC) through an amendment proposed by itself to the Broadcasting and Television Act, will be able if this amendment is accepted, to grant operating licenses via public auction and stipulate severe punishment for illegal radio operators.

In other words, money will decide.

Is it not a way to control media?

Isn’t China preparing to invest, according the news, in Taiwanese media?

What do you think?

Any reason(s) to disagree with RSF?



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