Taiwan: It’s Not My Fault And Everything Will Be Fine. Magic!

Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan (especially the center and south as never a typhoon did in recent history) with the consequences you all know.

You all also know the performance of the government and Taiwan’s president Ma.

So of course, they had to find who were responsible of this disaster and the poor answer from the central administration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affair after telling to other countries “no, we don’t need help”, and then delaying the rescue? (Of course later after people started to complain, the ministry changed its stance… but too late)

Obviously no, according the recent news. No one will be accounted for that.

So who?

Of course, the only one monster: the messenger!

The first public criticism of Ma (president of Taiwan) was directed at the Central Weather Bureau.

The Control Yuan followed too.

So easy to condemn the weather bureau…

One key employee already quitted his position after the attack.

Maybe to replace him, the central administration should hire Harry Potter.

Sure, magic should be very useful especially we are hearing every day something related to the magic world.

Without letting people know about the details of the future economic agreements with China, the government is already talking about several hundred thousands of people who will benefit from it.

Even before Harry Potter is hired, we are already in his world…

It’s magic, I told you!


Even the environment is becoming surreal.

See the below picture:


Here is the comment of the newspaper:

Hong Cheng-yi, head of Da-an Township’s Guike Village in Taichung County, stands beside driftwood planted along the shore yesterday. Hong came up with the idea of placing driftwood deposited by Typhoon Morakot in creative ways along the village’s coastline to beautify the area. The area has since become a popular tourist attraction.

That is “beauty”?

A popular tourist attraction”?

I don’t know what to say.

Words are failing me.

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