About the Nobel Peace Prize: I Have One Suggestion

A lot of people have already commented about the price received by Obama.

One more fact is also funny: nominations had to be in by February 1st. So that means that Obama was nominated after eleven days in office.

Eleven days to justify the price? 🙂

I am not interested to enter the debate between Republicans and Democrats but the way the Nobel Prize Committee justified its decision is quite strange.

Usually, the committee is supposed to give award (following tangible accomplishments) not to encourage.

But it’s what it decided to do this year.

So, following the Nobel Prize Committee, I will make a suggestion to my University and my fellow professors:

Why are we waiting the end of the program to give degree and diploma?

Let’s just give it right away when our students enter the program… to encourage them…

No doubts that the example of a so prestigious Committee must be followed!




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