Taiwan: National Day?

Today is October 10th.

It is the national day in Taiwan (double ten), celebrating the birthday of the Republic of China (ROC).

I know that there are a lot of controversies about the ROC and Taiwan, about the status of Taiwan etc…

But since I am a guess in this beautiful country, there were always celebrations on that day.

But not today.

The government has decided to cancel the festivities.

The reasons? To save money and use it for Morakot victims.

Can you believe it?

Some people said that the real reason is to please China.

Same about Kadeer (Taiwan refused to give her a visa).

Same about blah blah blah… Long list…

By the way, it seems that (according published news) China didn’t wire yet the money ( promised donations concerning Morakot) it was supposed to.

Is the today’s editorial cartoon in Taipei Times trying to remind it?

One more sad day?


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2 Responses

  1. It is the birthday of the KMT’s ROC, nothing more.

    It is not of the PRC’s, nor of the Taiwanese.

    Taiwan is not the only one who got the Chinese bubble donations, many African countries and those small countries switching diplomatic relations to China from ROC have received the bubble hand-outs.

  2. Άλισον, I agree with you about the date.
    But until now, it’s the only one available no?
    No innovation about it between 2000 and 2008…
    I just wanted to emphasize the significance of the “no-event” this year.

    Concerning the bubble donations, at least African countries spoke loudly about it…


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