Taiwan: I Do Not Get It…

According today’s news (HERE), The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Chairman Chiang Pin-kung, who doubles as Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) vice chairman, is accused of spending taxpayers’ money on an overseas trip to engage in party affairs.

The SEF spokesman said:


the purpose of Chiang’s trip to the UK and Switzerland was to explain the current situation and future prospects for cross-strait relations rather than to engage in party activities.

“He is not spending taxpayers’ money on party matters,”


He traveled with two aides.

If what the SEF said is true (the travel has nothing to do with the KMT, I just have one question:

Why expenses concerning the two aides were paid by the SEF (taxpayer’s money) BUT (according the SEF itself) the bills of Chiang were covered by the KMT (party’s money)?

In my naive way of thinking, it is very simple:

  • the travel has only to do with the SEF and then all expenses must be covered by the SEF, including Chiang’s ones
  • the travel has nothing to do with the government activities and then the SEF has no reason to pay for the two aides

So why the KMT paid?

The government has no more money? 😉

I don’t get it…

Same as I don’t understand why the ministry of interior keep insisting (today) to say that Kadeer is linked to terrorists?

Japanese (Kadeer is supposed to arrive in Japan later this month) have another vision:


We don’t see her as a terrorist as the Chinese authorities argue, and as part of our academic activities we want our students to watch and listen for themselves what’s happening in the world, through her speeches



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2 Responses

  1. You are thinking exactly what I was thinking this morning. If Chiang is employed by the SEF, therefore not really supposed to be doing the bidding of the KMT alone, why is the KMT paying for him to go on a trip?

    If the KMT is paying him, then he must be doing some party business. But if we believe the SEF’s statement, then he was not conducting party business. Which goes back to the question of why the KMT was paying for him. Which makes me think he was doing some party business…..

    The SEF’s response has to be the worst damage control report I have seen in a long time. It isn’t just misleading, it is paradoxical.

  2. Right Thomas 🙂
    But it seems that people didn’t notice it.

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