The First Sex Toy for Dog: Made in France!!!

Really, imagination has no limit…

A sex toy for your pet

The designer, Clément Eloy (26 years old) wanted to create (among other benefits), something practical…

F4A2C8C8457490EFDF58C1471CAEThe manufacturer (Stéphane Delimoges), located in the south west, said he already shipped this “practical” stuff all around the world, except in France…

Are you interested?

Good. Just prepare 399 Euros (plus transportation fees).



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4 Responses

  1. Everything in Europe is expensive!

    This one ( stupid thing!) is no exception.

    Can any marketing experts out there explain to me why in Europe things are more expensive (in general) than elsewhere in the world?

  2. @ Άλισον
    I must admit that this toy is quite expensive 😉
    Quite often yes, European prices are higher and very often it’s because the VAT.
    However, if you compare items between Taiwan and US + Europe, Taiwan is not always the cheapest… (Computer, Digital Cameras, LCD TV…).
    I believe you live in UK and there, yes, a lot of things are very expensive… compare to the rest of Europe.

  3. haha, this is hilarious!!

  4. Yes Annie,
    I totally agree with you 🙂
    It’s a prove there has no limit to human imagination…
    And if we think about it… People believe there is a demand for that toy.
    But How do they know?
    No word…
    I don’t mention other considerations 🙂
    Hilarious 🙂
    Too much!

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