Taiwan: BBQ Time! Happy Moon Festival!

Today is Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival).

The day is based on the lunar calendar so it’s not always celebrated on October 3rd.

It’s on the 15th moon day of the 8th Chinese Lunar Month (Chicken month? I am not sure. I forgot 🙂 ).

Usually, people are partying with family and friends, offering each other moon cakes as those ones:


Since about 15 years, it also became a tradition in Taiwan to make:



Sure, it’s not environmental friendly when million of people are doing BBQ in the same time, but I have to confess that it’s fun.

This Wednesday, students celebrated the day with small BBQ units (but everywhere! About a hundred? 🙂 ).

Here are some pictures with some of my foreign students:

Ricardo FV

Carlos Eduardo FV

I didn’t get yet the pictures with my other students.

They all play hard but work hard too.

Tonight, I will celebrate with my Queen, family and friends.

Because the weather and the 2 typhoons:

I am not sure we will be able to see the full moon…

So we will have to imagine it:


Happy Moon Festival to all!!!


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2 Responses

  1. You finished too early so no chance to see the moon ! pity!

  2. Sorry…
    I was so tired…

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