Taiwan, Justice and Civil Servants: How To Dispatch Employees

Sometimes, I am questioning the logic of some situations.

In today’s news (CNA), the ministry of Justice (Wang Ching-feng) complained about the fact the ministry doesn’t have enough employees to legally recover outstanding taxes by businesses and individuals.

Do you know how much?

More than 400 billion of Taiwan Dollars!

It means more than 12 billion of American dollars!

Can you believe it?

Among the tax defaulters, there are 168 people who owe more than 100 million Taiwan dollars (more than USD 3 million) each.

And that is not just for this year, but since a while.

But obviously, the ministry had enough employees for the former president.

And today (HERE) the ministry wants to look into allegations by former president Chen Shui-bian’s attorney that Chen was an “agent” of the US government.

The former president a spy… Moreover, a spy from America! Whoah!

The ministry has enough employees for that…

Beside, the THSRC (high speed train company) created during the former president time will also be investigated.

Obviously, the ministry (KMT?) wants to purge anything linked to the opposition party (at least that is the feeling one could get from outside).

So much energy on it…

But none is put to recover more than USD 12,000,000,000 (USD 12 billion) outstanding taxes.

Some people will ask why nothing is done about it.

If you owe TWD 10,000 you got all the problems.

If you owe TWD 300,000,000 and if you are the friend of the friend of the friend… you are more relax.

I don’t say it’s a fact. I just say that it’s what from outside we could think.

For some activities, the ministry has enough employees.

But for others (which seem more useful for the country), it is lack of.

Is it logical?


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