Taiwan Follows China About Kadeer – Good News in Penghu

Decision has been made: Rebiya Kadeer will not be welcome to Taiwan, the government refusing on Friday she visits Taiwan.

Even before she applied for a visa…

She visited so many countries in the world and none considered her as a terrorist.

But China yes.

And now, Taiwan too.


She even was a nominee for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize but is still considered as a terrorist…

The Dalai Lama received the price but is still considered as a terrorist too.

I wrote few days ago (HERE) about the way some KMT elected members assimilated Kadeer.

Johnny Neihu summarized with humor yesterday their words: Osama bin Hitler.

Some facts about Kadeer past.

Having been a witness to the Gulja Incident (massacre by China?) in 1997, Kadeer tried to persuade Beijing that change was needed.

Feeling that she had no choice, she openly criticized the government in a speech before parliament, and was promptly removed from the National People’s Consultative Conference.

Then Chinese authorities revoked her passport In 1999.

Kadeer was detained in August 1999 while on her way to meet a US Congressional Research Service delegation investigating the situation in Xinjiang at the time.

She was detained by PRC authorities on charges of "leaking state secrets", and was convicted on 10 March 2000 in the Ürümqi Intermediate People’s Court, of "endangering state security", after sending her husband newspaper clippings on the treatment of the Uyghur community.

Of course, newspapers clippings must be state secrets 🙂

Finally, before Rice went to China, she was deported to US (to avoid pressure?).

Ms Kadeer, who heads the World Uighur Congress (WUC) denied accusations describing her as a violent terrorist.

Today in Taipei Times, she repeated that she is against violence.

The WUC said she had played no part in what it called a protest, before adding: “We ask Chinese leaders to change their six-decade-long heavy-handed policies of forced assimilation and cultural genocide imposed upon the peaceful Uighur people and seek to resolve the East Turkestan question through peaceful dialogue.”

It seems that the East Turkestan and Tibet are fighting for the same cause.

Beside, the WUC has accused former Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong of colonizing Xinjiang, reneging on a promise to allow self-determination for the region.

So obviously, if you are against the views from China, you must be a terrorist.

In the same article mentioned above, we can read (brackets are mine):


Premier Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) supported Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah’s (江宜樺) recommendation that the government not permit Kadeer to visit as the WUC, of which Kadeer is president, “is closely associated with an East Turkestan terrorist organization … and it would be in the best interests of Taiwan and its people to prohibit her from visiting the country.”

(associated by who?)

Jiang said that WUC secretary-general Dolkun Isa is also among the names of “important international terrorist organizations/individuals promulgated by the Interpol.”

(obviously Interpol does not consider him as terrorist. He can travel where ever he wants)

Kadeer said it was the first time a country refused to grant her a visa, adding that over the last few years she had visited 28 countries.
“They all treated me with the greatest respect,” she said.

(I suppose that she considers Taiwan did not treat her with respect)

Wu (the premier) said the government did not need to apologize as it has done nothing wrong.


Japan issued a visa to Kadeer. The premier in the above article said that the situation was different between both countries.

But he didn’t elaborate…

A lot of people are now now talking about human rights issues in Taiwan and this story (Kadeer) is not helping to improve the image of Taiwan.

Some people are even asking who is really in charge in Taiwan…

We still have good news in Taiwan (not good for all people…): in the yesterday referendum, people from Penghu refused the casinos resort plan.

This project was a total nonsense.

To be convinced, let’s just look at the data available about Las Vegas!

And beside, even if a part only of the people forecasted (by people who have interest to see this project working) coming to the island, how it could be possible? (water problems…)

It seems that finally, people there will focus on quality and not quantity.

Taiwan sky is not totally grey. There is some blue.



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4 Responses

  1. Although the second of these is optional, for the sake of accuracy and parallel structure, I’d change “Taiwan” and “China” in the title to “KMT” and “CCP” respectively.

    Yesterday’s votes in Penghu and Yunlin are indeed good news.

    Tim Maddog

  2. @Tim Maddog
    I got your point, but maybe for people living outside of Taiwan, it may be easier to understand…
    People having no attachment to the island…
    Just reading the posts…
    Like my friends from Europe or USA,,,
    Anyway, let’s be happy with the good news we got this week end 🙂

  3. I understand your point, too, but I’m concerned that the actions of the KMT will be conflated with the opinions of the Taiwanese in the minds of the same people who don’t know better.

    Let’s see if we can educate them along the way. Maybe this would meet both goals (of letting them understand right away as well as explaining it more accurately):
    – – –
    “The KMT in Taiwan follows China’s CCP about Kadeer”
    – – –

    Again, I’m quite pleased with the weekend votes, and I hope it’s the sign of better things to come. My wife pointed out to me that today, KMT candidate for Yunlin County commissioner Chang Li-shan (張麗善) was putting on a teary-eyed show saying that she doesn’t want to take part in the upcoming election. Good for Chang! 😉

    Tim Maddog

  4. @Tim
    About your link, Crocodile tears for the public 🙂
    I agree with your comment.
    Still, a long way up to December’s elections…
    Let’s cross the fingers 🙂

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