Taiwan: Double Standards Or No?

The trial of the former president, Chen, has been transferred to the higher court for the appeal.

The 3 judges designed yesterday had to decide about letting Chen in jail or freeing him.

They chose to keep him in jail.

I really do not understand. Some others, convicted at the first trial are still kept free.

It really looks like (from outside) there is a double standards when it comes to justice.

How can he prepare his defense?

Beside, what’s about the Council of Grand Justices decision on whether the move to change judges during the first trial was unconstitutional?

So many months and still nothing…

But maybe it’s normal (?).

According the today’s Taipei Times, Shen Lyu-shun has been accused of involvement in an embezzlement scandal during his term as head of Taiwan’s representative office in Geneva from 2003 to last year.


The comments came after the latest issue of Next Magazine alleged that Shen, currently Taiwan’s representative to the EU, embezzled more than NT$4 million (US$123,000) by inflating office rent figures to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) during his term as head of Taiwan’s representative office in Geneva from 2003 to last year.
The magazine reported that Shen forced the landlord to sign a forged contract showing an inflated rental agreement and sent the forged contract to Taipei.
The scandal was discovered by MOFA last year, and Shen received two demerits as a penalty, the magazine said.


I have no details about this case (and the article does not mention any legal action related to it) , but the accused at that time, was under the supervision of the ministry of foreign affair (MOFA) as all Taiwan representatives abroad.

What is his new position now?

He is the new deputy minister of foreign affairs.

If his case is still under investigation, it’s quite strange that his new post consists among other tasks, in overseeing MOFA operations.

So if the MOFA is in charge of the investigation (in case of any), as the deputy minister, he will investigate himself?

And by the way, do you remember the case of Diane Lee and her double nationality status?

Strange situation or wrong questions?

Beside, there is a referendum this week end to decide if casinos will be constructed in Penghu or not.

If I well remember, 50% of the potential qualified voters must cast their ballot according the law, otherwise the referendum is not valid.

Again, if I have well understood, the case concerning the casinos will be different.

The majority of the voters is enough, even if only 3 voters cast their ballots (?).

What I am sure is that when the legislators made the casinos legal (if the result of the referendum is positive), the ruling party (KMT) controlled almost all the seats.

Any link?


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