Taiwan: Are Some Legislators Exaggerating?

I do suppose that all of you are aware about the controversy surrounding the movie “The Ten Conditions of Love”, a documentary on Uighur independence activist Rebiya Kadeer.

It was supposed to be screened during a movie festival in Kaohsiung city (south of Taiwan) but finally the local administration decided to withdraw it from the festival (in October) and to screen it earlier, on September.

All the buzz comes of course from China and its partisans.

You can read an excellent summarize of the reactions here in Taiwan, in David’s blog (HERE).

Anyway, my purpose here is not really to comment on the decision made by the Kaohsiung government but more to highlight some reactions from legislators who are members of the ruling party KMT.

In the today Taipei Times, we can read:


…KMT City Councilor May Zai-hsin (梅再興)…compared Kadeer to Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler


It seems obvious according the news, that the KMT is pro-China.

But still, comparing Kadeer to Bin Laden? To Hitler?

Is that not too much?


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