Taiwan: And Now They Realized It’s Time To Change The Rules

Just after the sentence against the former Taiwanese president, the political party in charge realizes that the rules concerning the “special funds” should be changed.

…After 50 years…

A lot of people are under investigations now.

Is that the reason?

A former mayor of Taipei city had to deal with that and now his working position has changed.

Is that the reason?

Anyway, I don’t know what will be the proposal but it seems that to implement clear rules is one step to the right path.

The path to democracy?

I hope so.

Let’s wait and see.


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3 Responses

  1. Catch the big scapegoat who is the trouble maker for China, and let go the others, plus under the new proposed rule, it will be paradise again for government officials to use special allowance without scrutiny.

    Stinky and sneaky rule indeed.

  2. Άλισον: It doesn’t seem that a lot of people care about that… Same as the trip of the new premier to HGK during a week end, insisting it was to study some stuff…

  3. that’s what KMT is good at:
    doing whatever is good for themselves shamelessly and even publicly.
    what are you gonna do with it?
    who controls the media? who controls the elections? who controls the government administration machine?
    democracy is making decisions by the people.
    so there. this is my people.
    not pretty but real

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