Taiwan, Justice and Civil Servants: How To Dispatch Employees

Sometimes, I am questioning the logic of some situations.

In today’s news (CNA), the ministry of Justice (Wang Ching-feng) complained about the fact the ministry doesn’t have enough employees to legally recover outstanding taxes by businesses and individuals.

Do you know how much?

More than 400 billion of Taiwan Dollars!

It means more than 12 billion of American dollars!

Can you believe it?

Among the tax defaulters, there are 168 people who owe more than 100 million Taiwan dollars (more than USD 3 million) each.

And that is not just for this year, but since a while.

But obviously, the ministry had enough employees for the former president.

And today (HERE) the ministry wants to look into allegations by former president Chen Shui-bian’s attorney that Chen was an “agent” of the US government.

The former president a spy… Moreover, a spy from America! Whoah!

The ministry has enough employees for that…

Beside, the THSRC (high speed train company) created during the former president time will also be investigated.

Obviously, the ministry (KMT?) wants to purge anything linked to the opposition party (at least that is the feeling one could get from outside).

So much energy on it…

But none is put to recover more than USD 12,000,000,000 (USD 12 billion) outstanding taxes.

Some people will ask why nothing is done about it.

If you owe TWD 10,000 you got all the problems.

If you owe TWD 300,000,000 and if you are the friend of the friend of the friend… you are more relax.

I don’t say it’s a fact. I just say that it’s what from outside we could think.

For some activities, the ministry has enough employees.

But for others (which seem more useful for the country), it is lack of.

Is it logical?


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Taiwan Follows China About Kadeer – Good News in Penghu

Decision has been made: Rebiya Kadeer will not be welcome to Taiwan, the government refusing on Friday she visits Taiwan.

Even before she applied for a visa…

She visited so many countries in the world and none considered her as a terrorist.

But China yes.

And now, Taiwan too.


She even was a nominee for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize but is still considered as a terrorist…

The Dalai Lama received the price but is still considered as a terrorist too.

I wrote few days ago (HERE) about the way some KMT elected members assimilated Kadeer.

Johnny Neihu summarized with humor yesterday their words: Osama bin Hitler.

Some facts about Kadeer past.

Having been a witness to the Gulja Incident (massacre by China?) in 1997, Kadeer tried to persuade Beijing that change was needed.

Feeling that she had no choice, she openly criticized the government in a speech before parliament, and was promptly removed from the National People’s Consultative Conference.

Then Chinese authorities revoked her passport In 1999.

Kadeer was detained in August 1999 while on her way to meet a US Congressional Research Service delegation investigating the situation in Xinjiang at the time.

She was detained by PRC authorities on charges of "leaking state secrets", and was convicted on 10 March 2000 in the Ürümqi Intermediate People’s Court, of "endangering state security", after sending her husband newspaper clippings on the treatment of the Uyghur community.

Of course, newspapers clippings must be state secrets 🙂

Finally, before Rice went to China, she was deported to US (to avoid pressure?).

Ms Kadeer, who heads the World Uighur Congress (WUC) denied accusations describing her as a violent terrorist.

Today in Taipei Times, she repeated that she is against violence.

The WUC said she had played no part in what it called a protest, before adding: “We ask Chinese leaders to change their six-decade-long heavy-handed policies of forced assimilation and cultural genocide imposed upon the peaceful Uighur people and seek to resolve the East Turkestan question through peaceful dialogue.”

It seems that the East Turkestan and Tibet are fighting for the same cause.

Beside, the WUC has accused former Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong of colonizing Xinjiang, reneging on a promise to allow self-determination for the region.

So obviously, if you are against the views from China, you must be a terrorist.

In the same article mentioned above, we can read (brackets are mine):


Premier Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) supported Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah’s (江宜樺) recommendation that the government not permit Kadeer to visit as the WUC, of which Kadeer is president, “is closely associated with an East Turkestan terrorist organization … and it would be in the best interests of Taiwan and its people to prohibit her from visiting the country.”

(associated by who?)

Jiang said that WUC secretary-general Dolkun Isa is also among the names of “important international terrorist organizations/individuals promulgated by the Interpol.”

(obviously Interpol does not consider him as terrorist. He can travel where ever he wants)

Kadeer said it was the first time a country refused to grant her a visa, adding that over the last few years she had visited 28 countries.
“They all treated me with the greatest respect,” she said.

(I suppose that she considers Taiwan did not treat her with respect)

Wu (the premier) said the government did not need to apologize as it has done nothing wrong.


Japan issued a visa to Kadeer. The premier in the above article said that the situation was different between both countries.

But he didn’t elaborate…

A lot of people are now now talking about human rights issues in Taiwan and this story (Kadeer) is not helping to improve the image of Taiwan.

Some people are even asking who is really in charge in Taiwan…

We still have good news in Taiwan (not good for all people…): in the yesterday referendum, people from Penghu refused the casinos resort plan.

This project was a total nonsense.

To be convinced, let’s just look at the data available about Las Vegas!

And beside, even if a part only of the people forecasted (by people who have interest to see this project working) coming to the island, how it could be possible? (water problems…)

It seems that finally, people there will focus on quality and not quantity.

Taiwan sky is not totally grey. There is some blue.



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Taiwan: Double Standards Or No?

The trial of the former president, Chen, has been transferred to the higher court for the appeal.

The 3 judges designed yesterday had to decide about letting Chen in jail or freeing him.

They chose to keep him in jail.

I really do not understand. Some others, convicted at the first trial are still kept free.

It really looks like (from outside) there is a double standards when it comes to justice.

How can he prepare his defense?

Beside, what’s about the Council of Grand Justices decision on whether the move to change judges during the first trial was unconstitutional?

So many months and still nothing…

But maybe it’s normal (?).

According the today’s Taipei Times, Shen Lyu-shun has been accused of involvement in an embezzlement scandal during his term as head of Taiwan’s representative office in Geneva from 2003 to last year.


The comments came after the latest issue of Next Magazine alleged that Shen, currently Taiwan’s representative to the EU, embezzled more than NT$4 million (US$123,000) by inflating office rent figures to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) during his term as head of Taiwan’s representative office in Geneva from 2003 to last year.
The magazine reported that Shen forced the landlord to sign a forged contract showing an inflated rental agreement and sent the forged contract to Taipei.
The scandal was discovered by MOFA last year, and Shen received two demerits as a penalty, the magazine said.


I have no details about this case (and the article does not mention any legal action related to it) , but the accused at that time, was under the supervision of the ministry of foreign affair (MOFA) as all Taiwan representatives abroad.

What is his new position now?

He is the new deputy minister of foreign affairs.

If his case is still under investigation, it’s quite strange that his new post consists among other tasks, in overseeing MOFA operations.

So if the MOFA is in charge of the investigation (in case of any), as the deputy minister, he will investigate himself?

And by the way, do you remember the case of Diane Lee and her double nationality status?

Strange situation or wrong questions?

Beside, there is a referendum this week end to decide if casinos will be constructed in Penghu or not.

If I well remember, 50% of the potential qualified voters must cast their ballot according the law, otherwise the referendum is not valid.

Again, if I have well understood, the case concerning the casinos will be different.

The majority of the voters is enough, even if only 3 voters cast their ballots (?).

What I am sure is that when the legislators made the casinos legal (if the result of the referendum is positive), the ruling party (KMT) controlled almost all the seats.

Any link?


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Taiwan: News By Pictures

First, Taiwan’s fruits are the strongest:



Obviously, it’s the starting of autumn:


Workers prepare to clean a Taiwan High-Speed Railway Corp train in Taipei yesterday. Only the train will be on its way to be cleaned?


Sometimes, pictures are better than words…



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Taiwan: Are Some Legislators Exaggerating?

I do suppose that all of you are aware about the controversy surrounding the movie “The Ten Conditions of Love”, a documentary on Uighur independence activist Rebiya Kadeer.

It was supposed to be screened during a movie festival in Kaohsiung city (south of Taiwan) but finally the local administration decided to withdraw it from the festival (in October) and to screen it earlier, on September.

All the buzz comes of course from China and its partisans.

You can read an excellent summarize of the reactions here in Taiwan, in David’s blog (HERE).

Anyway, my purpose here is not really to comment on the decision made by the Kaohsiung government but more to highlight some reactions from legislators who are members of the ruling party KMT.

In the today Taipei Times, we can read:


…KMT City Councilor May Zai-hsin (梅再興)…compared Kadeer to Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler


It seems obvious according the news, that the KMT is pro-China.

But still, comparing Kadeer to Bin Laden? To Hitler?

Is that not too much?


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Taiwan Investigates The Dalai Lama Visit

Last month the Dalai Lama came to visit and comfort the victims of the last typhoon, being invited by local officials in the south of Taiwan.

It was a pure religious and humanitarian visit, full of compassion.

No words about politics were pronounced by him or his entourage.

His visit and meetings were even downsized.

But still, China was very upset, as the KMT, the ruling party in Taiwan.

I thought that story was done.

But no.

Today, we could read in the Taipei Times, that the government made an investigation to see if any government money was spent by the local administration which invited the Dalai Lama.

According the above article, expenses were covered by the Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the de facto representative office of the Tibetan government in exile in Taiwan.

Beside, the Dalai Lama made contributions too.

Why the government need to make such an investigation?

When other people are invited, did it do it?

Do all officials here are using public funds for public reasons only?

The government denied that this investigation was politically motivated.

I don’t know about you, but it seems hard to believe…

Or maybe I am thinking too much?

Yeah, maybe…


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Taiwan, China and Chinese-Language

In CNA today, an interesting news:


The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) unveiled a plan Tuesday to promote the development of an electronic publishing industry and create an e-book market in Taiwan.

Under the plan, the government will funnel NT$2.13 billion over the next five years into creating large Chinese-language content


I was thinking: “Whoah! Interesting move!”

And then, comes the rest of the story:


(the government will be) trading centers, promoting e-learning model projects and cooperation between Taiwan’s and China’s publishing markets, and subsidizing the research and development of related industries, the officials said.


Of course they expect a multi-million market.

But just one question:

By cooperating with China, which language will be used?

Traditional Chinese?

Simplified Chinese?



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