Taiwan: The Typhoon Morakot Was A Disaster

Flooding in Taiwan triggered by Typhoon Morakot has killed 38 people and another 62 are missing as the last report indicated.

At least 35 people were also injured as the typhoon lashed the island with a record 2.5 meters of rain over the weekend, submerging houses, streets and bringing down bridges.

The collapsed Jinshuai Hotel lies in the Jhihben River in Jhihben Township, Taitung County, yesterday. PHOTO: REUTERS

Hundreds of residents of Xiaolin Village (小林), Kaohsiung County, were still missing yesterday after landslides caused by Typhoon Morakot devastated the area.

One of the survivors, Lin Chien-chung (林建忠), told cable news channels that the village had been wiped out, including Xiaolin Elementary School, Chunghwa Telecom communications equipment and the health center.

Lin said he feared most of the 600 residents had been buried alive (today Taipei Times).

The Council of Agriculture said that as of 5pm yesterday, the nation had sustained NT$5.06 billion (US$153 million) in agricultural losses, with 43,527 hectares of farmland damaged by flooding and strong winds.

Can you imagine: 2.5 meters of rain…

This typhoon is certainly one of the worst in Taiwan history.

And the numbers are not final yet…


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  1. Indeed, this natural disaster was a national tragedy except that President Ma and his incompetent administration failed to issue a national state of emergency. Instead, he blamed the helpless citizens for lack of readiness to evacuate! And pointed the finger at the Foreign Ministry which had lead to the resignation of its deputy minister.

    Ma is already a lame duck president after this disaster. His political calculus was such that the Typhoon primarily damaged areas dominated by his political opposition. Therefore, his original plan was to shift the blame to the local opposition leadership who are Mayors & County Executives responsible for the lack of infrastructure protection and continuity of operations. His plan not only backfired, it has even turned 3/4 of his supporters against him.

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