Taiwan: Morakot Is Knocking At The Door

Typhoon Morakot, which means "emerald" in Thai, is expected to bring powerful winds and torrential rains over the weekend, being the most powerful one this year (at least for Taiwan).

So be careful.

But it is also a good news, Taiwan starting to be lack of water.

For now, it’s a category 1 (maximum is 5) but it will be tomorrow at level 3 (winds at 178~210 km/h), according TSR.


Here is a SAT picture from Typhoon 2000 (today, morning time):


You can see that the eye is very close to Taiwan…

Offices should be closed tomorrow.

Let’s hope it will not bring too much damage and casualties.


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  1. Taiwan has airlifted emergency teams into a remote village where dozens are feared to have been trapped by mudslides after Typhoon Morakot brought torrential rain to the island.

    Eight specially trained rescuers and 13 soldiers from an elite unit were helicoptered into Hsiaolin, in southern Kaohsiung county, where reports said up to hundreds of villagers could have been buried by the mud.

    State-funded Central News Agency said the rescuers had found more than 100 villagers who survived the mudslides by seeking shelter on a nearby mountain.

    Rescuers earlier flew 45 people to safety and survivors spoke of family members being engulfed.

    A 46-year-old man, identified only by his surname Weng, told TVBS cable news network that he had narrowly escaped as he checked a makeshift wooden house near his home, but that 10 other family members had disappeared in the mud.

    ”All of them were gone,” he said in tears.

    Rescue authorities plan to send up to 160 rescuers to the village, an official from the disaster contingency center surnamed Liang said.

    ”As long as weather permits, we’ll send more people there,” he said.

    Su Shen-tsun, one the rescuers flown into Hsiaolin by helicopter, told reporters that he was surprised by what he had seen.

    ”I could hardly believe my eyes. For a while, I even suspected we had the wrong search target,” Su said.

    ”The whole village disappeared and even roofs of the houses could not be seen,” he said.

    ”Also, the whole mountain against which the village sat was flattened.”

    Local television reported that 200 homes may have been destroyed by mudslides in Hsiaolin.

    ”To tell the truth, we don’t know how many people were trapped there,” Liang said.

    Lin Chien-chung, a rescued villager, was quoted by the United Evening Newspaper as saying that his home and neighborhood were buried and that up to 600 people could have been buried alive.

    However, rescuers said the figure was an overestimate.


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