Taiwan: His Career First? Of Course Yes.

Do you remember that the Department of Health minister (Yeh Ching-chuan) was crying and said “I love Taiwan” after he was heckled by overseas Taiwanese students in Geneva in May over the nation’s dubious status at the World Health Assembly?

At the mid of the (A)H1N1 pandemic crisis, he decided to run in the year-end Hualien County commissioner election and of course, resigned as the health minister.

Taipei Times Editorial Cartoon

Yeah… No comment…

As written in the today Taipei Times (HERE):


He has talked so much about loving Taiwan with his life, but the truth appears to be that Yeh is no greater than someone who puts himself first.


By the way, the Neihu MRT line in Taipei is closed since today noon, in view to try to find some solutions to the problems with (this time) the computer system.

Do you know that there is no contract as one could think according the news between Taipei City and the constructor (Bombardier)?

The contract is between Taipei City and a Taiwanese company, the chairman of this company being according the news, a top KMT member (the political party in charge)…Sure, it’s a coincidence.

And when the so criticized line was decided, who was the mayor?

Mr. Ma, the actual president of Taiwan and the new chairman of the KMT (and maybe the one at the origin of the move concerning the former Health Minister?)


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2 Responses

  1. Are you sure you really know about Taiwan’s affairs? Please do not criticize some person according to your unknowledgeable information. He (Mr. Yeh) did a great contribution for Taiwan.

  2. My Dear C.W.,
    I never said that Mr. Yeh never made great contribution to Taiwan. He is often quoted as the SARS hero.
    The post was more about what he said during a video in Geneva (of course the media here only showed few seconds of it, emphasizing his positive side – but the full video is quite informative…) and the fact that he left his position as health minister during the flu crisis.
    About my “unknowledgeable” information… Maybe I should read more the “official” media and less the others?

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