France Trip, Part 4: Bordeaux Ocean

We spent one day at the ocean, for picnic, swimming and relaxing.

From Bordeaux city, it’s about a small hour driving.

We went around “la dune du Pila”, the highest dune in Europe.

First, after preparing everything for your meal, it was time for a cold beer (beside me, Marc and Martine):


And here, my Queen with them:


Some pictures made by my Queen:




On the above picture, you can see the “pine apple” which is totally open when the weather is dry and close when it’s rainy time.

It could be used to forecast the weather…

My queen enjoying the ocean:


Some practice… But not enough wind that day to really enjoy it… Still, you can see the height of the dune…


My Queen and me:


At the top of the dune, facing the forest side:


My Queen, enjoying the view:


That was the last part of our trip in France.

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

I will prepare now the “surprise” I promised you before.

It will take some time (1 or 2 days?)

Wish you a great week-end 🙂


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