France Trip, Part 3: Bordeaux

The last few days in France were pure vacations.

We went to Bordeaux where I spent on long time, a while ago.

We stayed in Marc and Martine place.

Marc is like a brother for me. We know each others since more than 25 years!

I am the godfather of their son: Mathieu (I only call him Mat).

Here is the living room. My Queen shot the picture right away when we arrived:


And from the garden:


Here is some samples of our diner in their place, prepared by both of them:

First, before we prepared the “aperitif” (drink):


Some tomatoes stuff:


Did you notice the bread? Mmmmm… Delicious!

Here is the magret (duck breast), cooked on BBQ with wine wood… Only in Bordeaux we can do that…


We took the tramcar to go to the downtown. Very convenient transportation, finished just a while ago (almost all around the city and totally silent):


After one day shopping, we invited Marc and Martine to my favorite restaurant in Bordeaux (a very old and historical place): Le Noailles.

Being an old customer, we got the best table when I booked it earlier in the day.

We arrived first:


Waiting our friends, we order a drink (can you guess mine?)

8 Mine was the “pastis”… 🙂


That was my avocado-shrimps appetizer:


Earlier in the day, we went visiting some parts of Bordeaux.

In the past, Bordeaux had walls and doors to protect itself. Here is one, the “Porte de Cailhau” (the door of Cailhau):


Another one: Porte Dijeaux:


A closer look of the top (renovated in the 18th century):


And then we went to a famous area: the river bank. It’s unique in Europe, all the bank buildings are from the 18th century!:





The famous “colonnes des girondins” on the biggest square in Europe: la place des Quinconces:


With my friend-brother Marc:18

It was quite cloudy, so the river was not blue as usual:



Have a look on the lamp shape:



Marc and Martine:

23 We shot each others 🙂


And now, a very famous (and new) area: the water mirror. It’s a square with water popping out time to time, with the environment reflecting on it:



It was so hot that all the kids were enjoying the water. No way to take a good picture of the mirror.

I downloaded the below picture from Internet to let you know what this water mirror is(Picture made by a professional? I found it HERE):


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Bordeaux is really a beautiful place, thanks to the job of the actual mayor.

I hope you enjoyed it.

The next and final part will be our stay at the Atlantic ocean.



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