France Trip, Part 2: Cambrai City

When my key administrative jobs were done, we went to Cambrai city, the place I was born… some time ago 🙂

I wanted to show it to my Queen.

This city is located in the northern part of France, about 1.5 to 2 hours by normal train, from Paris. There is a TGV station (high speed train) quite close to there if we want to.

That is really the “nord” (north) of France.

People are very nice and friendly.

Even if the traffic light is green for the cars, they let you go across the street (even wait and invite you to do so!).

A big change, compare to Taiwan.

You know when we arrived in France, I used to watch everywhere before crossing a street, as we have to do in Taiwan in view to survive the city jungle. But then in France, I realized that we don’t need to.

So comfortable.

Cambrai is a small city with a population of roughly 30,000.

First mentions of this city date from the 1st century… So a quite old place… 2,000 years for the oldest records… Full of history and Culture.

See the red circle in the below map:


The French aviator, inventor and engineer Louis Bleriot was born in this city in 1909 and Cambrai is celebrating him now.

You don’t know him? In 1909 he completed the first flight across a large body of water in a heavier-than-air craft, when he crossed the English Channel. He also is credited as the first person to make a working monoplane. Bleriot was a pioneer of the sport of air racing.

Anyway, here is the arrival at the train station:


And the building from the platform:


And from the main entrance:


That is what you see when leaving the train station:


A view from the square beside the city hall:


Time for an “Abbey Beer” in a local pub where the guard is a pirate:


Obviously, the guard believes I should not drink and then hooked me:


Here is the roughly 1,000 years old cathedral:



Here is one of the last vestige of the rampart surrounding the city. It was built in 1309:


A closer view from the other side:


Nice, quite and friendly city…

My Queen loved it too.

Next part will be in Bordeaux, the place I stayed many years, including during most of my university time.


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