H1N1 And The Taiwanese: A New Disaster Coming?

Mr Ma said that people should not panic over the situation, and he also refused to call a national security meeting in response to the growing threat of a nationwide outbreak of the swine flu.

Yesterday on China Post and today on Taipei Times, we can read:


Less than 10 percent of people are fully aware of how swine flu spreads


Scary, isn’t it?

One can always blame Taiwanese people (“not my fault”… does it ring any bells?)

But if the Department of Health (by the way, there is no ministry here… just a department…!!!???) did a better job by explaining the risks, situation and prevention, the percentage of people with appropriate knowledge could be totally different.

Obviously, the Media is full of other concerns and no campaign has been launched by the department of health, as far as I know.

Yesterday, The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) confirmed reports of 11 hospitalized A(H1N1) cases, the most recorded in one day and likely an indicator of a widening epidemic.

So, it’s what we have now:

  • Mr Ma refusing to call a national security meeting
  • Taiwanese not been aware about the swine flu and the way it’s spreading
  • Yesterday, the most recorded number of H1N1 cases hospitalized
  • No practical move from the department of health as far as I know
  • The situation in the South and Center of Taiwan, following the last typhoon

Will Taiwan face a new “Morakot” but this time because the flu?

Is the administration learning from the past?

Let’s hope I am wrong and too pessimistic.

What do you think?


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China: The New Way About Driving

Have a look on this video.

How a policeman is trying to give advices to a female driver…




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Taiwan: Some Good Links For August 26

I found some very interesting posts, concerning Morakot:

  • Claudia Jean describes some water management under the DPP and KMT and how the latter could be hold responsible of a big part of the mess
  • Michael Turton shows how the new National Reconstruction Commission may impact the December elections
  • David explains how indigenous people affected by the Typhoon Morakot disaster oppose reconstruction plan proposed by the Taiwanese government

A while ago, I was asking questions HERE.

In a total different field, here is a very good post: The 10 faces of computer malware

Being informed about what’s out there is a good first step to avoid problems.

TechRepublic is certainly a good stop for people looking for some answers about computers.

Enjoy 🙂


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Taiwan: About the TWD

According the latest news, traces of cocaine could be found on up to 90% of USD bills.

And 80% of Taiwanese banknotes found traces of Oolong tea.

I do understand now why the majority of world trade is in American dollars.



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Taiwan: Where Is He?

Almost 2 weeks since Morakot devastated the south of Taiwan.

Just one question: where is the Minister of Health?

With all the risks following huge floods, I thought that he should be involved too in the aftermath of the typhoon, to prevent any case of diseases.

Or, am I wrong?

Or maybe I missed the related news of his actions?

Taipei Times Editorial Cartoon

Beside, I just read (HERE):


some soldiers had been ordered to search for bodies by kneeling on the ground and sniffing for rotting flesh


Can you believe that? I never heard before that it was included in the S.O.P.

Must be terrible for those poor soldiers.

And I suppose that it’s not supposed to be healthy (physically and mentally)…


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Taiwan: The New Definition of Responsibility

During an interview with CNN on Sunday, the Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou said that he would take full responsibility for the blunders and mistakes made during rescue efforts.

When asked the meaning, he defined “responsability” (Taipei Times) by:


finding out what was wrong with the rescue system, correcting the problems and disciplining officials in charge.


In other words, “it’s not my fault…”

Taipei Times Editorial Cartoon

In another related news, there was an online CNN poll yesterday.

82 percent of voters said yes to the question: “Should Taiwan’s leader stand down over delays in aiding typhoon victims?”

Are you surprised?


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Taiwan: Time To Ask Questions After Morakot

The death toll is terrible: 103 deaths, 61 people missing, and 45 injured as of 9 pm yesterday (CNA).

But it seems it won’t be the final one with still hundred of people we have no news of yet.

Not mentioning damages evaluated for now at more than 200 million USD just for the agricultural losses. How much for all the houses, building and infrastructure?

The worst flood since more than 50 years.

Maybe it’s time now to ask some questions.

+ How come the first thing to say was to blame the local administration? Especially knowing that a lot of counties in the south are lacking of funds (most of those counties are “green”)? It seems that anyone is responsible (including the weather bureau!) except the Ma’s government and Ma himself.

+ How come (as mentioned by the Taipei Times) the President Ma was visibly irritated and impatient with villagers who spoke to him?

+ How come the President Ma could answer to a young man whose father was missing that he could understand, having himself lost his father? Can the (regrettable) death of someone at a respectable old age could be easily compared to the sudden disappearance of a father because a landslide or flash flood?

+ How come only (at least up to yesterday, as far as I know) 8,500 soldiers were deployed? Beside, a large number of the nation’s military bases are in southern Taiwan…

+ How come the government refused help from USA and Japan by saying that Taiwan was able to control the situation? But there are still hundred of people blocked in mountainous area… and time is the key parameter. Will the death toll increase because of that? At least more transportation (helicopters…) from abroad should be welcome… When disaster strikes, every hour counts. It seems that a lot of people are loosing their credibility now…

+ How come people have the feeling that there is no central command center for all the rescue operations?

+ How come President Ma visited some area with his party candidates to the next election?

But there are more key questions":

  1. What really obstructed the flow of rivers?
  2. What is the real quality of the embankments along the riverbanks?
  3. How come the administration never forbid constant digging of sandstones from the river beds?
  4. Where did the money go after all the previous typhoons and repairs?
  5. Why the time reaction seems so slow?
  6. How come someone authorized the construction of hotels and/or buildings so near to the riverbank?
  7. Who authorized construction and high-altitude agriculture in the mountains?
  8. Who is in charge of the water management?
  9. How come there are no strategies to ensure sustainable management of the nation’s water resources? Year after year the only motto is water rationing…

For sure, the gradual process of reconstruction will serve as a reminder for those unhappy Taiwanese and all the damages won’t be repaired in one electoral cycle.
So, will the next elections be affected?

Let’s see.


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