Taiwan: I Am Back From France, Nothing Changed here

I am back from France, after 2~3 weeks in France with my Queen. Sorry my dear readers for not posting during that time.

I bought the Taipei Times Newspaper and noticed that nothing changed here in Taiwan.

But why expecting any change?

According the news (last Wednesday):

1- During his last hearing (verdict should be announced on September 11), the former President broke his silence to describe his trial as unfair:

  • last September, the Special Investigation Panel prosecutors held a press conference to say they would step down if they failed to successfully prosecute him…
  • the switching of the judges…
  • no procedural justice…
  • double standards…

And if I well understood (but I forgot the source), he will still be in jail until the verdict. I have no idea why…


2- the World Game was clearly a success according what I read and heard. Normally the president of the country is not supposed to be invited according his status. But the mayor of Kaohsiung who organized the game succeeded to make him invited as the president. What did he say during the inaugural speech? He thanks China…

Can you believe that?

Did he mentioned that the Chinese team boycotted the opening and closing ceremonies?

Of course not…

Not mentioning the lake of strong support from the central government and its political party to organize the game (according the organizers). Maybe the Deaflympics (in Taipei next September) will get more support as the mayor is from the in-charge political party…

No comments…

Anyway, let’s forget politics.

I am preparing the pictures shot in France and also the “surprise” I promised you in my last post.

Give me 1 or 2 days… or maybe it will done today?



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