France Trip, Part 1: Paris

We arrived in Paris (direct flight from Taipei) on Monday July 13 around 07:am. The time to go to our hotel, a shower and then run to handle whatever about my work and documents (administrative stuff).

I worried a lot because the next day was July 14: the French National Day.

Usually, people make the “pont” (“bridge”) and so don’t work.

But I was lucky enough, all the official offices I needed to go were open.

Rush, rush, and rush. That was the time in Paris, so not so much time to take pictures.

But still… Here is for our quick lunch on Monday (arrival day) – thanks to our waiter:


Even tired (14 hours flight), we were very happy. We went to a “cafe” I like, near Saint Germain.

Have a look on the food: a sandwich for me and a salad for my Queen:


I know, you must be jealous 🙂

The glass for my beer was funny: it was for the rugby world cup:


Funny, isn’t it? Like the ball… 🙂

From a taxi, my Queen shot the Eiffel Tower, but it looks like the Italian tower from “Pise” 🙂 :


In the evening, next day,  we went to a restaurant near our hotel.

I always used to go there for their Carpaccio. Delicious!!! :


According our faces, you can imagine we enjoyed our food and wine (rose).

Next part will be for the city I was born… well, a while ago 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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6 Responses

  1. What’s inside the square tray with red? color, some strips of prosciutto? Maybe not, without bread would be too salty to eat it.

  2. How can I get rid off that little square picture on the right side of my comment, and what image is it? Kind of like an ugly creature!

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  4. Hi Άλισον,
    The red stuff in the plate is beef: raw beef (very very very thin slices, which melt on your tongue). It’s what we call carpaccio.
    Usually we put extra virgin olive oil on it.
    One does the same too with salmon.
    The little square picture is an automatic gravatar provided by WordPress.
    If you have an account in WordPress and put your chosen gravatar or picture in your profile, it will be the one beside all of your messages.
    Otherwise, it’s automatically chosen by WordPress.

  5. I’d prefer sashimi than the veal carpaccio (afraid to try raw meat). The Wikipedia says that anything sliced very thin for appetizer could be called carpaccio, is that the case in France? and so to identify what kind of carpaccio, one will need to add a word in front of it to describe what exactly it is, for example, salmon carpaccio, beef carpaccio, etc.
    Is this the case in France?

    I’d need a grill to make them into slices of bacon if I were there to dine, and made the waiter laugh at me, ha ha ha…

  6. Άλισον,
    It’s not veal, but beef.
    And really, because the oil etc…, you have not the feeling of raw meat.
    You should try one day 🙂
    And yes about Wiki: we have to be specific by adding the kind of carpaccio. So far, I only tried beef and salmon, which are the most popular in France.

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