Taiwan: A Vendetta?

The daughter of the former president of Taiwan, Chen Hsing-yu was prohibited (again) from leaving the country after being questioned by prosecutors on June 22 in connection with alleged perjury, which has hampered her plan to study in the United States.

Directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter, she asked to not be barred of leaving the country. She is supposed to go to USA for study purposes.

According the CNA news today (HERE), she even provided support to her claim she is not flying away:


She had filed a petition of appeal to the prosecutors’ office, calling for removal of the travel restriction by promising prosecutors that she would hand over her passport to Taiwan’s representative office in the U.S. upon arrival and would report to the representative office everyday, as well as return to Taiwan periodically.
Chen Hsing-yu also stated that she was willing to leave her three children in Taiwan to show that she has no intent of absconding from the country.


So many KMT members were indicted and convicted but never banned to leave the country but… they did.

This woman is not accused of corruption or whatever, but of perjury…not convicted but just accused by prosecutors. All legal specialists know that it is almost impossible to prove perjury in the court…

No way to compare with previous people convicted by the court but never put in jail…

So what could people think?

Not only the former president is jailed since last year without to be convicted but obviously all his family is under the hammer…

Sure, not good in our days to be an opposition member, or to be a family member of the former president, or to express opinions not approved by the party in charge…

And even the spokesman Henry Chen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) who has nothing to say about the case according his position, said today:


I find this (her request) totally unbelievable


What do we need to add?


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2 Responses

  1. Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs, exercise your authority now because soon you will be unemployed when your boss Mr. Ma gives TW away as a big gift to China. MOFA will be the first one to be scrapped.

    And if you want to keep your job, maybe you have to work harder for the people of TW?

  2. @ Άλισον
    Work harder for the people of Taiwan?
    It never seemed to be his (their) first goal…
    So let’s not expect too much.
    But who knows? It’s already mid of the year and with the winter, Santa Claus is coming…

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