Taiwan: A New Promise…

A while ago I wrote (HERE), among other stuff, about the fact that the president of Taiwan (?) promoted the learning of simplified Chinese:

But yesterday, the President (chief of the region? Mr.?) promoted (see HERE) the learning of simplified Chinese but as you can read:


Our suggestion is that Chinese be able to understand traditional Chinese characters and write in simplified Chinese


The formulation is very ambiguous.

Local languages (Taiwanese…) are not anymore (thanks to the new party in charge) a compulsory course for the kids. And tomorrow, traditional Chinese will be taught as history if it is taught at all?

Today (HERE), M. Ma reiterated his promise:


Meanwhile, President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday reiterated that he would not promote simplified Chinese characters in Taiwan, adding that his proposal that people should be able to read traditional Chinese characters but write simplified ones was not political.


Firstly, don’t you think that his latter sentence contradicts his former one?

Secondly, don’t you believe that when he said people should write simplified Chinese, that is really “political”?

Finally, he keeps repeating he will not promote the simplified Chinese… as he promised during the presidential campaign he will never ever double as the chairman of his political party…

As he will become the new chairman of the KMT within few weeks, what can we think about his promise to not promote in Taiwan (where traditional Chinese is used), the simplified Chinese used in China?

Is it like HERE?



One Response

  1. that MA Jerk Taiwanese Trader president try very Hard to SELL Taiwan He is goting to “GIVE AWAY” surrender to China. in many way within one year.
    and we all Taiwanese are very mad now.
    I already predict this will hapeen back in 1992
    and now it’s just happen very very fast the process.
    you see he is not just wanna be 8 years president he is going to be one of future Emperor of Taiwan….(he is dreaming)
    as you can recall when Mao said once “if you want to destory the county you have to destory the language, culture, religion….etc.

    so the language is part of it….

    I just feel so many of Taiwanse ppl are so weak and I think it’s most weakest country of all world.

    just watch the coming month
    it’s going to be more exciting news and disaster ahead and it won’t take long….

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