Taiwan: It’s Becoming More Clear…

Short sighted: Whatever the money we got now, is good even though an hangover is waiting for the next morning:

p09-090623-B1 AP Washington Tom Raum’s article

Ma (president of Taiwan –?-) said (confirming it again) his administration intended to negotiate an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with Beijing (HERE).

He confirmed it again even after few lines before he said “China has made it difficult for Taiwan to sign trade pacts with other countries”.

It seems that the risks for Taiwan are not being taken into account (maybe because it doesn’t matter?).

He even added: “We will not negotiate on Taiwan’s future in the ECFA, nor will it touch upon unification or independence,”

Until now, Taiwan is only named as “China Taipei”. That is not already (if people accept it) a big step to unification?

Obviously, it seems that in the mandarin-language-mass-media in Taiwan, the reports about the problems Taiwanese firms have to face to in China are not mentioned…

For example in the today Taipei Times (HERE), we can read:


The first report was about Chinese panel manufacturer SVA Group (上海廣電), which owed Taiwanese businesspeople more than NT$2 billion (US$60.8 million) in payment for goods. The company was taken over and restructured by the Shanghai City Government, which totally ignored the debt it owes Taiwanese businesspeople, who did not have the courage to ask the SVA Group for the money. Instead, the businesspeople approached the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC, 陸委會) for help, but did not receive a response.

The biggest loser was the Taiwanese-listed company Himax Technologies Inc (奇景光電) — a member of the Chimei Group (奇美集團) — which reported NT$820 million in bad loans in the fourth quarter of last year.
Other affected Taiwanese companies were Coretronic Corp (中光電), K-Bridge Electronics Co (科橋電子), Sintek Photronic Corp (和鑫光電), Daxon Technology Inc (達信), Chi Lin Technology Co (奇菱科技) and Chimei Materials Technology Corp (奇美材料).


Not even mentioning the case of two Taiwanese businesspeople being stabbed to death and another seriously injured by a factory employee while no one intervened (witnesses, security guards or police…).

How to explain that?

But it is not over yet…

According (HERE):


The AIDC yesterday confirmed it had proposed cooperating with China Commercial Aircraft Co to co-assemble commercial airplanes.


The AIDC receives 80 percent of its business from the military, and has been a very important player in the domestic arms industry.

Don’t you think that military secrets will find their way to China?

Obviously again, it seems that it is not a concern for the central government in Taiwan.

Yes, many changes since one year. Since the new president has been elected.

And this president will become in few weeks the chairman of his own political party, which controls the parliament (even though he promised during the election campaign that he will never do it)…

Question: obviously, this trend (unification) is not accepted by the majority of the people in Taiwan. How will be the results in the next elections?


People, be careful.

See how (HERE) someone was sent from China to attack (kill? – with a gun and five rounds of ammunition, we may suppose to) advocates of democracy in Hong Kong (or opponents of China)…

Sweet dreams.


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4 Responses

  1. This Ma Ying-jerk, really knows how to act but not to talk about unification.

    Strange thing is that the red-shirt demo was gathering forces quickly and easily in 2006, but there is no green-shirt demo at all in 2009 even though the country is about to be disintegrated.

    That’s why I don’t understand what Taiwanese people are thinking?

  2. The red-shirt demo got support from a very powerful and rich political party.
    Obviously, the now-opposition is not in the same position.
    Maybe one explanation…
    Or… the fear to be harassed by the police?
    Or… apathy?
    Or… both?
    By the way, the English version of your name is… Alison?
    I don’t use Greek except in math 😉

  3. Nice blog you have!

    The little image to the right of my first comment was not my creation, I suppose it must have been generated automatically.

    There are too many people on the internet of this name, so I have to distinguish mine from the others.

  4. Thank you 🙂

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