Taiwan: What More Do You Need To Be Convinced?

A lot of people are writing about changes in Taiwanese’s policies since one year, since the new Chief, Mister, president is in charge.

Before, “they” did their stuff undercover, without letting the public know about everything.

But now, everything is under the beautiful coming summer sun.

The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy’s (TFD) was founded in 2003 under the then-Democratic Progressive Party administration with the aim of promoting human rights and democracy around the world.

Since, many beneficiaries: democratic movements in Cuba, movements in favor of protecting Tibetan rights… just name it.

But now, another party is in charge. A party which is willing to achieve an unification with China.

So of course, officials in charge now are not very happy that TFD provided funds to people against their new best friend: China.

According people close to the case (HERE), the board of this Foundation will be reshuffled.

Obviously, promoting human rights and democracy is not the main goal of these officials…

More about the move toward China:

The former minister of agriculture Paul Sun (孫明賢) (see HERE) is the chairman of the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, a research center partially funded by the Taiwanese government that works with the Council of Agriculture and also a a counselor for government-affiliated organizations in China.

When the news became public, he had to explain himself.

…Very interesting…

Have a look (from him to reporters):


We shouldn’t see agricultural technology as sensitive material; instead, it should be a public asset. China has large stretches of land and a good plant diversity, and can be seen as an extension of Taiwan’s farmlands


Agriculture technology is not a sensitive material in Taiwan? Since when? It is a very strong competitive advantage of Taiwan… It is supposed to be common sense for anyone …

Just compare about the qualities and varieties China is producing…

Wait, there is more 🙂 :


About 5,900 Taiwanese farmers or businessmen in the farming industry are in China…

If you view it positively, you can see it as helping Taiwanese farmers become more professional. If you view it negatively, then you can make many criticisms. From the positive side, I feel it is something worth promoting


So helping people who emigrated to China is helping Taiwan?

Where is the logic in that except it is an obvious move to transfer the Taiwanese agricultural technology to China?

I suppose you will have have some comments

You are welcome 😆

Taipei Times’ Editorial Cartoon

Just add to Culture, Identity, Country, Freedom…



One Response

  1. the logic is Taiwan is part of China, obviously
    they didn’t emigrate to China
    they simply went “home”, finally
    it’s full of joy and happiness
    especially when they went home and treated as “professionals”
    what an honour!
    it must be positive!

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