Taiwan: Some more Disturbing News

NEWS # 1

I wrote (HERE) about the Want Want’s Group, a Chinese company which just bought a media group in Taiwan.

It seems that they do not like freedom of speech.

They are threatening people who wrote about them. See HERE:


The company said in a letter issued to a number of individuals who had written articles about its takeover of local TV stations that it would sue them


They do not understand that Taiwan is not (yet) part of China.

NEWS # 2

Beside, a Chinese official (M. Wu) may have lost his face, according the today’s Taipei Times (HERE):


A former legislator (Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Department of International Affairs director Hsiao Bi-khim (蕭美琴) ) said a Chinese official had confronted her on political matters late last month at a dinner banquet she attended in Fukuoka.

After exchanging name cards, Wu learned that Hsiao was a member of the DPP and said in Chinese that “the DPP’s [Kaohsiung Mayor] Chen Chu (陳菊) has already visited China; after [your people] come, you will change your position of supporting Taiwanese independence,” Hsiao said.

Hsiao said she replied that “Chen’s visit to China does not have any effect on our position of supporting Taiwanese independence. If you are willing to move your missiles, I might be more willing to visit.”

She said Wu responded: “What would removing the missiles do? We can hit you even if we pull the missiles all the way back to Beijing. We don’t just have short-range missiles, we have plenty of mid-range missiles too.”

More from the Chinese official:

[President] Ma Ying-jeou [馬英九] accepts the one China principle, so we give him international space. The DPP wants independence for Taiwan, and that is a dead-end road. You are not even from an academic field, so what are you doing here? The DPP is a party without a future unless it accepts the one China [principle].”

In response to Wu’s comments, Hsiao said she turned around and translated Wu’s entire statement into English to the foreign representatives who shared a table with them, which she said embarrassed Wu.


This news were also reported by J. M. Cole and and the blog of Ms Hsiao (in Chinese) is HERE.

NEWS # 3

Another news: the president decided to become the chairman of his political party (KMT).

When the former president did the same (at that time it concerned the DPP), I disagreed too.

The president is supposed to be the president of all Taiwanese.

Not just the president of one part of the population.

But when the former president was in charge, the parliament was controlled by the KMT, not the DPP (party of the former president).

It was (for me) a bad idea on a democratic point of view, but not a big deal: the DPP had almost no power…

But now with the new president, it’s a totally different situation, his party (KMT) controlling all the parliament.

So now, all the power in the country is in his hands.

As the chairman, he will even be in position to talk directly to the Chinese side…

Do I need to mention that he promised to never become the chairman of the KMT, whatever the circumstances?

But yes… That were promises made during the presidential campaign…

I believe that this move is very clear and easy to understand…

NEWS # 4

And now, my last disturbing news is about the project from the government: professors may be banned to express their political points of view (outside the University)…

See the English version from Claudia Jean (HERE).

As I wrote before, so many changes in Taiwan since one year.

Since the new president is in charge.

Have a nice day!


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  1. hi..gutz information
    have a nice day

  2. Hsiao Bik-him retelling the story. Very beautiful lady with ideals the and guts to stand up for them as well.

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