Taiwan and the New Military Exercise

Most of countries in the world are doing annual military exercises and Taiwan is no exception.

Concerning Taiwan, the main purposes for the exercises (on the field or computerized) are of course to evaluate the situation and the Taiwanese reaction after an attack from an “unfriendly” country.

As you may expect, the unfriendly one is supposed to be China and was always named as it until now, as far as I know.

Anyway, I do not see any reason why an another country may invade or attack Taiwan.

So, as I just wrote above, the danger is supposed to come from China, especially if Taiwan and its population decide to ride on the freedom road of independency.

But it seems that it is not anymore the case.

Yesterday morning, it was the annual Han Kuang military exercise’s computer simulation, and President (of Chief, or Mr., I feel a little bit confused, his title been changing according his audience) Ma Ying-jeou was picked up by an armored vehicle early in the morning, maybe by one of these ones?:

Armored cars make their way to the Hengshan Command Center during the Han Kuang military exercise early yesterday morning.

But this year, the purpose of the exercise was totally different.

According the today’s Taipei Times (HERE), this exercise was designed


to test how the government would react if the country was devastated by a natural disaster, epidemic or severe economic crisis


So all the Taiwanese army mobilized in case of a severe natural disaster (as a typhoon?), an epidemic (as the SARS or H1N1?) or severe economic crisis (as the actual crisis?)…

Can you explain to me what the army is supposed to do in case these eventualities occur?

Beside, these eventualities already occurred or are part of the present news…

That is quite funny or strange, isn’t it?

Or maybe the power in charge now does not want to irritate its new best friend, said China, especially if we take into account the fact that this political party is obviously looking at a reunification (unification is more accurate for some observers…).

Do we need to be surprised?

After all the events, statements and decisions we could witness since one year, the answer should be… no.

Even a state-run company is now producing bottled water for the China market with “China, Taiwan” listed as the place of production on the label (see HERE):

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Kuan Bi-ling holds up bottled deep ocean water produced by Taiwan Yes, a subsidiary of Taiwan Fertilizer, in Taipei yesterday.

So even companies funded by the tax payers but run by the political party in charge now, is considering Taiwan as part of China.

Do anything else should be added?

I do not think so…



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