Taiwan: A Vendetta?

The daughter of the former president of Taiwan, Chen Hsing-yu was prohibited (again) from leaving the country after being questioned by prosecutors on June 22 in connection with alleged perjury, which has hampered her plan to study in the United States.

Directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter, she asked to not be barred of leaving the country. She is supposed to go to USA for study purposes.

According the CNA news today (HERE), she even provided support to her claim she is not flying away:


She had filed a petition of appeal to the prosecutors’ office, calling for removal of the travel restriction by promising prosecutors that she would hand over her passport to Taiwan’s representative office in the U.S. upon arrival and would report to the representative office everyday, as well as return to Taiwan periodically.
Chen Hsing-yu also stated that she was willing to leave her three children in Taiwan to show that she has no intent of absconding from the country.


So many KMT members were indicted and convicted but never banned to leave the country but… they did.

This woman is not accused of corruption or whatever, but of perjury…not convicted but just accused by prosecutors. All legal specialists know that it is almost impossible to prove perjury in the court…

No way to compare with previous people convicted by the court but never put in jail…

So what could people think?

Not only the former president is jailed since last year without to be convicted but obviously all his family is under the hammer…

Sure, not good in our days to be an opposition member, or to be a family member of the former president, or to express opinions not approved by the party in charge…

And even the spokesman Henry Chen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) who has nothing to say about the case according his position, said today:


I find this (her request) totally unbelievable


What do we need to add?


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We All Have Something of Michael Jackson




He was the King of Pop.

He is now a Legend.

R.I.P. Michael.


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Taiwan: A New Attraction for Tourists

The Minister of Justice visited yesterday the Penghu Prison on the Penghu archipelago in the Taiwan Strait (HERE):


IF THE SHACKLES FIT – Minister of Justice Wang Ching-feng tries on foot shackles at Tingwan Prison on Penghu yesterday. – PHOTO: CNA

I needed to read twice the CNA article to be sure I well understood:


The normally heavily guarded prison was opened to local officials, the media and the public Wednesday in support of the MOJ’s idea of turning Taiwan’s jails into tourist attractions.

In addition, the people confined in such places should be referred to as "students" instead of "inmates," she said.


So not only jails will become a tourist attraction (?!!) people could visit before or after enjoying the 101 Tower in Taipei, but now a murderer is not anymore a murderer but… a student…

Did I miss something?


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Taiwan: A New Promise…

A while ago I wrote (HERE), among other stuff, about the fact that the president of Taiwan (?) promoted the learning of simplified Chinese:

But yesterday, the President (chief of the region? Mr.?) promoted (see HERE) the learning of simplified Chinese but as you can read:


Our suggestion is that Chinese be able to understand traditional Chinese characters and write in simplified Chinese


The formulation is very ambiguous.

Local languages (Taiwanese…) are not anymore (thanks to the new party in charge) a compulsory course for the kids. And tomorrow, traditional Chinese will be taught as history if it is taught at all?

Today (HERE), M. Ma reiterated his promise:


Meanwhile, President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday reiterated that he would not promote simplified Chinese characters in Taiwan, adding that his proposal that people should be able to read traditional Chinese characters but write simplified ones was not political.


Firstly, don’t you think that his latter sentence contradicts his former one?

Secondly, don’t you believe that when he said people should write simplified Chinese, that is really “political”?

Finally, he keeps repeating he will not promote the simplified Chinese… as he promised during the presidential campaign he will never ever double as the chairman of his political party…

As he will become the new chairman of the KMT within few weeks, what can we think about his promise to not promote in Taiwan (where traditional Chinese is used), the simplified Chinese used in China?

Is it like HERE?


Taiwan: It’s Becoming More Clear…

Short sighted: Whatever the money we got now, is good even though an hangover is waiting for the next morning:

p09-090623-B1 AP Washington Tom Raum’s article

Ma (president of Taiwan –?-) said (confirming it again) his administration intended to negotiate an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with Beijing (HERE).

He confirmed it again even after few lines before he said “China has made it difficult for Taiwan to sign trade pacts with other countries”.

It seems that the risks for Taiwan are not being taken into account (maybe because it doesn’t matter?).

He even added: “We will not negotiate on Taiwan’s future in the ECFA, nor will it touch upon unification or independence,”

Until now, Taiwan is only named as “China Taipei”. That is not already (if people accept it) a big step to unification?

Obviously, it seems that in the mandarin-language-mass-media in Taiwan, the reports about the problems Taiwanese firms have to face to in China are not mentioned…

For example in the today Taipei Times (HERE), we can read:


The first report was about Chinese panel manufacturer SVA Group (上海廣電), which owed Taiwanese businesspeople more than NT$2 billion (US$60.8 million) in payment for goods. The company was taken over and restructured by the Shanghai City Government, which totally ignored the debt it owes Taiwanese businesspeople, who did not have the courage to ask the SVA Group for the money. Instead, the businesspeople approached the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC, 陸委會) for help, but did not receive a response.

The biggest loser was the Taiwanese-listed company Himax Technologies Inc (奇景光電) — a member of the Chimei Group (奇美集團) — which reported NT$820 million in bad loans in the fourth quarter of last year.
Other affected Taiwanese companies were Coretronic Corp (中光電), K-Bridge Electronics Co (科橋電子), Sintek Photronic Corp (和鑫光電), Daxon Technology Inc (達信), Chi Lin Technology Co (奇菱科技) and Chimei Materials Technology Corp (奇美材料).


Not even mentioning the case of two Taiwanese businesspeople being stabbed to death and another seriously injured by a factory employee while no one intervened (witnesses, security guards or police…).

How to explain that?

But it is not over yet…

According (HERE):


The AIDC yesterday confirmed it had proposed cooperating with China Commercial Aircraft Co to co-assemble commercial airplanes.


The AIDC receives 80 percent of its business from the military, and has been a very important player in the domestic arms industry.

Don’t you think that military secrets will find their way to China?

Obviously again, it seems that it is not a concern for the central government in Taiwan.

Yes, many changes since one year. Since the new president has been elected.

And this president will become in few weeks the chairman of his own political party, which controls the parliament (even though he promised during the election campaign that he will never do it)…

Question: obviously, this trend (unification) is not accepted by the majority of the people in Taiwan. How will be the results in the next elections?


People, be careful.

See how (HERE) someone was sent from China to attack (kill? – with a gun and five rounds of ammunition, we may suppose to) advocates of democracy in Hong Kong (or opponents of China)…

Sweet dreams.


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Taiwan: You Will Not… Sure…


Editorial Cartoon Taipei Times

Just a reminder of a presidential campaign made by a then-candidate .

…Just few months after his election, he decided to become the chairman of his party too…

It seems that old time is back…


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Taiwan Forex Rates

Since yesterday, it is officially the summer and the time we may travel outside of Taiwan.

So maybe you could be interested by the exchange rates between the TWD and the major currencies.

Here you are (today bid/ask for an amount lower than USD10,000):

US dollar 32.660 33.060

Euro 45.18 46.18

Hong Kong dollar 4.189 4.289

Japanese yen 0.3388 0.3448

Australian dollar 26.19 26.39

Canadian dollar 28.78 28.98

Pound sterling 53.91 54.31

Singapore dollar 22.43 22.63

South African rand 3.996 4.096

Sweden krone 4.086 4.186

Swiss Franc 30.23 30.43

Thai baht 0.9476 0.9876

N. Zealand dollar 20.92 21.12

Chinese yuan 4.651 4.881

Thanks to Chang Hwa Bank and Taiwan News.


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