Taiwan and the Old Historical Monuments

I wrote roughly one week ago (HERE), (among different subjects) about historical monument(s) in Taiwan on which Taipei City let put the KMT political party logo on it during its (their) renovation.

It concerns monument(s) made more than a century ago! Long time before KMT was created…

The KMT party, pro-China in charge now, said that the logo was put in the 50s or 60s.

So if I well understood, they consider that a renovation must include what was made just a while ago…

Anyway, any normal people will say that we are supposed to renovate old monuments as people could see them from the first second of their creation. Right?

So, you may be think what is my point now.

According the Central Agency News (CNA – HERE), M. Ma (President (?) chief of Taiwan) is offering help to Guatemala for its historical monuments:


Taiwan would like to help Guatemala conserve its historic relics


Oh yes?


What’s about Taiwan takes care about its own monuments first?



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3 Responses

  1. and guess which party’s logo will be on the Guatemala’s historic relics?

  2. Yes Jo, I can imagine…
    But I don’t think so they will be so “flat” as in Taiwan…
    They will react…
    Will Taiwanese do?

  3. don’t think the taiwanese would react since most of their eyes have been covered by dollar signs…
    sad but true
    am i being bitter and sour again

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